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  1. I am sad and cannot help but cry. The situation seems hopeless now. Even the carpentry is riddled with workmanship problems. My husband visited the house today and was appalled. Our renovation has been plagued by poor workmanship, sadly. It has been a trying and draining period for us. Customer service from Keith is good and he is a very nice person. But the workmanship is near deplorable, unfortunately. Be it painting, tiling, the sink-and-stove concrete support, service yard windows, bathroom box-up acrylic, etc. And now, the cabinets too. What do we do now?
  2. Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces Speaking of countertops, we saw these at Hafary: Hafary ServiceSome time near the end of December (or thereabouts, I think), we were shopping for furniture and thought it might help to have a sample of our tile for reference when assessing and matching colours/textures. We popped into Hafary Eunos. The lady who served us, Woo Kexin, enthusiastically bagged up the sample for us and ensured that we had everything we needed before we left. We were pleasantly surprised by and appreciated the solicitous service.
  3. Thank you, FATFROG! So kind of you. Your post has brought a bright spot to my day.
  4. Concrete-Inspired Solid Surface Aren't these nice? Here is the link for them! The ones that Keith showed us are from the Concrete collection. (The small white sample in the photo is the Alpine White, from the timeless White, Gray and Black series. There are quite a few whites in the series. Have fun!) I also like the Breeze from Breeze collection. I read that it would go with a variety of interior finishing materials including wood, steel and concrete. I think I may prefer this!
  5. Day 15 1) Keith replaced the bathroom tiles. He bought the tiles and got the repairs under way quickly! We are very grateful for his kindness, and the efficient way in which he took care of the repairs. 2) 3) He also gave us a sneak peek at the floors!
  6. I really like your cafe balcony. I love your ideas. I just know your new home will turn out great! So excited for you!
  7. Haha! Just for that alone, I vote for #1 the Flying Bird! Your sofa looks deep and comfy.
  8. Day 14: Kerbs The kerb at the main entrance. (To prevent water and dust/dirt from getting into the house when the town council folks do their regular washing. Or so we hope!) Keith informed us that the the bathroom floors were not level with that of the bedrooms and that he would have to construct kerbs where they met:
  9. The colours in the art print and those of the polaroll match to a T. Showflat! #awesome
  10. I get what you mean. I, too, would choose a nicely-renovated home over DIY learning opportunities any day. In a heartbeat. I'm afraid I don't know how to polish quartz and solid surface countertops, unfortunately. All the best, Wyx03-2002.