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  1. bepgof, hmmm yeah, seller makan 5k. don have the resources to return it. buyer went through legal means to possess his house as it is a clear breach of contract. lawyer mentioned buyer has 2 options: a) to seize the flat and force OTP into action. b) get a new flat with differences paid to buyer. i shall not mention the buyer's decision. also, i did not mentioned any appts, whatsoever. OTP was signed during 2nd-3rd viewing. maybe sueh, maybe not their time or luck, but may all go well for them. hopefully sellers like that get some retribution. hmpH~!
  2. @ waileong : buyer knows of the legal implications. seller did back out as his loan (to get a new flat) does not get approved by HDB. seller's agent did not check this when they listed the house to sell. @ usagisan: no worries. i'm sorry for the buyers too. well, if they don't have the cash, and always wanna prata, what could they have done right? @ bepgof: 1. DWG notified. a manager responded. big wigs rarely respond to such cases. they said agent will be calling the buyer. and the email reply took a considerable amount of time to be replied. also, they don't have a standard webpage, anyone realised that? ...weird. to date, only 1 missed call from seller's agent to buyer, when the buyer was overseas for their honeymoon. if need be, 2. small claims is no use unless you're a sg registered company. seller = bochup guy. complicated. 3. never even register, so what 1st appt? well, the risks were finecombed and thus... legal
  3. an experience to be shared. buyer likes house. seller and buyer agrees to sign OTP. buyer signs off 1k+4k cheque to enforce OTP. seller signs off OTP with agent stating 60day period to register with HDB. *this portion has been summarised for easy reading... lol* after numerous calls from BUYER, seller's agent says no go. seller's agent claims seller has no cash to pay up till end of following month. buyer says 'ok' and proceeds on legal grounds to get the flat. OTP signed on mid 2009. Legal matters started on early Q03/ 2009. No cash back & No flat. Agent is fromDWG. Flat is somewhere in Sengkang/ Fernvale. And yet to see a 'happily ever after...' Sour about too many things...But life goes on, no mtter what. Do note that shi* does happen. I hope this doesn't happen to you. Happy New Year to All. May this Tiger Year bring the good guys the health, wealth and prosperity and the bad guys ... well ... let's just hope they get retribution.
  4. As per topic, anyone been to TURKEY? care to share your itenary? me and wife-to-be planning an itenary to Turkey. 8N/ 9D trip (inclusive of airtravel using Emirates, transit at Dubai Aiport). headache man. any leads?
  5. Hi All, first post and starting a topic already... Do check out the SIMMONS SALE tt's happening @ Enterprise One (opp Auto Megamart Building, Ubi area). Can park inside the building as the first hour is free. Do share your comments on the Sale please. My POV i just happened to get deeply poisoned by a Simmons bed retailing at 2.2k at the sale. Downside is that, there is; - No Warranty - No Refund - Full payment upon cnfirmation - a delivery period of 20/08/2009 till 19/09/2009 - a possibility that the bed is a Display set OR not in production anymore. If i am not wrong, my invoice states Parkville R4. I got a Queen sized bed. This is a brand new set which is not in production anymore. states that it is worth around 7k. paid 2.2k instead. i love it... gf is uncertain. Was looking at full latex and eyeing a *unknown brand* Bremer and also Omazz. told her that we could grab this and use it momentarily till we have a better budget for a Omazz (or a sale for the 3 layered one). Gf turned into she-hulk that the bed hunt ended early. Just sharing my experience. Thanks for reading.