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  1. One stop shop with full accountability will be smoothest. If the project run into mil. I would suggest spend some money to hire a project coordinator directly report to you for progress update to quantified your progressive payment. Noticed in a lot of thread we don't talk about plumbing and cable laying, mostly discussed are aircon and led light which are fixture that we can buy and discard without serious cost impact. I have see 3 same green color wire ceiling light in my neigbour house and water pipe leakage 5 years later which I concluded are those companies hiring those $30 a day bagala worker to do the work for as electrician.
  2. Lauer highlighted afew great points but sad many smart owner would still skip them to lower the project cost. A personal encounter was interesting, the owner, I/D and architect thought the best method of selecting the builder was thru tender, which was quoted very cheap but in the end the final cost was double during TOP. Quality and experience of the entire construction phase is still HDB standard. 1.8m A&A for 8k gfa
  3. We had done air well in our terrace, space consume by this air well is only 24 square feet, slightly more than 1% of floor area. And it bring lot of brightness and ventilation to the middle of our house, slight inconvenience is we must close the window & sliding door when it rain. As for decoration we place a pond in that area. IMO - space is not wasted and was put into good use, just like a window in a room instead of a wall.