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  1. where is your place? If going enbloc, no point renovate.
  2. May I know which floor is this? Thanks
  3. Hi metalcandybox Thou it small but it in a gd location. Location is more impt...Cheer up & hope u enjoy your Home =)
  4. You welcome. Hope everything is ok for you.
  5. That a smart idea. Can save alot...I don't know how to do it. Perhaps can borrow some books or DIY furnitures in the Library...once you learnt, you must teach me.....
  6. Hi iluvmybeans, Before you ask the tenants, ask the other neighbours first..arrive early....knock on the other neighbours door, ask them about the environment here, is it noisy? any issues here? how the owner family of the unit you are buying, than directly ask them whether did they see any people harassing them? quarrel etc?... If everything ok, than proceed to ask the tenants the same kind of questions, start with how long they have been staying there etc. It better to be thick skin and ask everything rather than end up with a bad unit cos u have to stay there long term. If anything not right, just walk away from the deal cos there always a better home out there especially with the poor economic outlook now Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. If no such prob than it good, maybe u can try to talk to the tenants before u exercise the option etc.....better to play safe..if not, later alot of headaches
  8. who the contractor? can pm me? hope i avoid such troublemaker..
  9. Maybe should read a few painting tips before starting?..ask frens, relatives etc to help faster?...i maybe trying it myself
  10. i no expert..but it looks ex to me...even kitchen cabinets etc...painiting ex too...for 3 room, why not paint yourself? can save a few hundred bucks easily =)
  11. Congrats to your home. I agree with you it good to renovate within one means during this bad times =) I also intend to do minimal reno for my new flat. Is your contractor good? Me still looking around.
  12. Congrats Carebear. Finally see your pic. Spam chop and camp here liao..haha U really change almost the whole reno except the study and 2/3 bedrooms....really a waste to see those kitchen cabinets, wiw, false ceiling etc gone. Your balcony view looks great but sad to tell you, it will be block by the new HDB flats coming up beside the condo in 2011. The new HDB flats is 40 storey high =(
  13. Hi iluvmybeans, Congrats on your purchase. Is it near to the mrt? Well renovated? Beside the pricing, please do look at other factors such as could it be a loan shark unit, whether there problems etc with the neighbours? It quite fishy that they are willing to sell $30k below valuation. All sellers want to sell high