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  1. Hi @sforshor, Would it be possible to PM me the contact again as it seems like the PM did not reach me ? Thanks in advance and apologies!
  2. Hi sforshor, Could you share the contact of the LED wholesaler with me as well? Thanks
  3. I think I'm quite late on this topic but Navinzi sofas really last,mine lasted 8years...I had a navinzi sofa for 10years and it started peeling after about 8years but still it is not too bad...My recliner still in good shape though,even though the mechanism is already quite wobbly .Just my 2₵,hope this helps:)
  4. Wow your house and the renovation really looks great!Especially the lights and dining table and the mirror!Matches so well
  5. Hey there xing78! Could you give me the address to the shop where you bought your lightings from if it won't be too much trouble?Thanks!