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  1. haiz, hubby doesnt want to lose the other room, so did not hack... still looking out for screens to shut out the toilet... any recs on where to shop for foldable screens?
  2. i recommend MGL curtains at Eminent Plaza. May served us and we were quite impressed by her knowledge and experience esp on colour scheme. We paid around $800+ for (living - night curtains) + 3bedrooms (half curtains), our house is a 120sqm resale.
  3. went to Citilights, 168 and ilites along jalan besar, citilights proved to be the most competitive...the other 2 were >$1200 (to be fair, the lights chosen werent the same) so finally, bought my lights from Citilights too...spent around $900 very good service from Alan - knowledgeable and honest... but do check the lights when its delivered. we had some minor problems with the lights, but they did deliver subsequently to the house... all in all, good experience with them!
  4. cantona7 - i have thought of moving to the other room, but it would mean having to walk to the masterbedroom toilet...some distance away...haiz...
  5. hi, not only is my toilet bowl facing the door, it faces the bed in the masterbedroom... assuming i do not have a choice, but to put the bed there, do you have any suggestions to hide the ugly sight? i have thought of the following: 1) glass door --> too expensive 2) screen - those you can throw the towel/clothes over type (very classic) 3) feature wall --> too expensive would appreciate if you have any ideas ...thanks in advance!
  6. jamielee, do you have pics of the table and console? i bought a table and console from there as well
  7. when you take the bus to IFC, you will pass by this really 'grand' looking building, at sungei kadut drive (opposite Red Apple), which houses 2 home furnishing centres...one is Furniture Club warehouse , there's a sign that reads Up to 80% discount, the one near the gate. the warehouse is actually their office...if i am not wrong... and it houses some fine high gloss tv consoles and coffee tables...and alot of chairs..at unbelievable prices... do check it out...
  8. hubby was pissed when the package that they offered $3888 (sofa + console + dining + coffee table) was before GST... GST quite a lot man...
  9. my share of review on furniture club i went to Furniture Club at Sungei Kadut (WAREHOUSE) not IFC. No salesperson to entertain us, items were dusty, no price tags to it either. BUT, there were quite a few interesting items, like tv consoles, coffee tables, dining tables and a few leather sofas, that we were really interested in. We went to the office and asked for assistance. Someone came out and advise us on the pricing and below were the pricing: White 2m High Gloss TV Console (drawer - self closing type) : $350 (original price $999) - Display set White High Gloss Coffee Table : $250 (original price $699) - Display set Black Bicast Leather L Sofa 3m : $1500 (original price $3300) - Display set Dining table with any 4 chairs : $799 We were wondering if we should get Brand new Leather sofa for $2220 at Navinzi @ Eunos Enterprise One, the decision was tough as it was a difference of only $500 between display and brand new. So hubby casually asked for $1500 to make the decision easier on our part. The personell without much thought, said OK! just to make the deal. We know it was around 5+pm on a saturday, he wanted to go home and all ha! So, the damage for the living + dining was $2899. Our budget was initially $3500. And we managed to get it on 0% instalment for 12months! !! Yes, the items on display sets were not at its best condition, but for such a fraction of price we are paying, we can overlook that...the personell (not a salesperson) said touch up can be done and all... Later we went to IFC Furniture Club, and saw the same Coffee table and TV Console...selling at RETAIL price! My advice: Do go the warehouse for a look before buying it at the fancy showrooms.... I will post a review on the items after its being delivered in mid february. The deal just seems too good to be true.
  10. my apologies, its call Navinzi, and not Navinci... www.navinzi.com
  11. Hi, I have been to Navinci Sofa shop at Eunos Enterprise One few weeks back, and found the leather sofas very comfortable with 5 year warranty. Anyone has their contacts? I would like to find out some measurements from them. Forgot to get their contacts, and unable to google this company online. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. hi, i'd like to find out from you guys, how much roughly it will cost for a system 3 aircon (eg. mitsu elec inverter) for the 3 bedrooms will cost? mine is a 5 room 120sqft resale flat... for those who bought resale units, does the reno contractors remove the old aircon, or did your aircon suppliers remove them? also, when should air con suppliers step into the picture? mine would be a major hacking works + kitchen + master bedroom capentry works tia!
  13. went audiohouse today, their prices is really quite competitive.. checked with them the LG Plasma 5R 42" tv, if pay in cash, only $1600 (3 yrs warranty) just to fill you all with info: pioneer kuro 8 series 42" + 8 items (includes 767 hts etc) = $3188 (2 years warranty) - if pay in cash the ppl from audiohouse mentioned that 767 hts is not the latest model for pioneer hts, and emphasized that they will not bundle the latest model of everything together. according to him, the latest model is 565 they recommended LG hts (2 speakers - so called wireless) at the back of the living hall + 2 infront, the sound is really quite surround ha! - only $599 in cash..
  14. anyone been to asenses at paya lebar, anyone can share the address, i cant seem to google it? i just read thread and surfed the website, the leather sofas looks good! whats the pricing like?