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  1. Thanks for the info, we were thinking of getting their bed for our girl. I think I better think twice.
  2. The rug sold there quite coarse (the rug's hair), dont feel good. Went there with family last weekend, husband had the same thought too. we didnt buy. Worse till, we went to some shops in furniture mall selling china rugs, they shed........they are slightly cheaper but just imagine one day the rug goes "botak" and with the milk problem from China now...who knows what they add to their rugs.....I have children at home....scared!!!!! Maybe we will go back to the shop my friend bought from in IFC to take a look again.
  3. Hi chixchix, my friend bought from IFC, 2nd floor, Home Themes. My friend said the rug is from belgium and quality good.....maybe it is the same shop that you went?
  4. Wat size are you looking at? where is the rugs manufactured from? I have a friend brought from ifc, he says quality very good...not sure which shop he brought it from. I guess it is一分钱一分货. It all depends on your budget.....
  5. My family n i went there two week ago.As it is their soft launch, we grabed some popcorn n ice cream while shopping there. we wanted to get a partition and we managed to grab one quite special with oil painting on it. I think the price there is quite reasonable.
  6. congrats,very happy for you. i hope i can flash my good news here too to share. cheers
  7. I do agree. In spore whether it is real or synthic leather,they feel warm and wet. And when it is hot we dont utilise it often and yet need to leather oil it. Come to think of it better fabric.
  8. Quite busy recently. We consulted the specialist on this issue. Everything was ok for both of us. According to the doctor it is unexplained. So when something that cannot be explained scientifically then the problem may be due to the Bazhi, fengshui and etc. I used to busy items to place in the house to enhance it but I guess only with the instruction of a master then the items have its effect. So now I actually stop buying and probably have to believe that if I destined to have it then I got it. Thanks.
  9. Hi Master Chong This may sound hilarious. Is good/bad fengshui related to the chance of having offsprings? If there is, how to enhance it. Pls advise. Thank you very much.
  10. Hi Master This may sound hilarious. Is good/bad fengshui related to the chance of having offsprings? If there is, how to enhance it. Pls advise. Thank you very much.
  11. Now IUI and IVF can used medisave, up to 8K/treatment (I think so) but only limited number of times. Can check with the hospital that you are going for.
  12. Oh....is it? I didnt know. Anyway, I did not buy my furniture from anyone of them.
  13. hi it seems quite a while this topic was not contributed. Anyone has good news to encourage us ?(those who are still trying) I maybe going to IUI next month.....yet another stressful phase but I guess it is not as stressful as I was trying for my girl. Now 2nd one is like a bonus to us. Though we really wanted another baby......
  14. Maybe it is the adhesive chemical used in manufacturing the side table. Bring it away from you bedframe and air it, may be in the acess balcony when ventilation is good. I do believe that such smell has a certain harmful effect on human body in an enclosed area.
  15. Hi it is always good to stay back if you intend to have a baby. Enjoying the benefits and a group of familiar colleagues(some may be good). Having said that , it takes time to get pregnant unless you got it on the first try. Some times it takes months to be pregnant. Bullies in the office is a stressful thing to endure daily( it is very different from work stress, as you dont know what will come next). It may be even harder to take it if you are pregnant or in the process of trying to conceive. Maybe you can discussed with your hubby and set the priorties. or maybe you want to talk to this manager of yours find what why he/she kept making things difficult for you. And if you sort out the problem with your manager then you might well stay back and set up a family a planned.