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  1. Famous Geylang Lorong 13, KOUNG'S WANTON MEE will has it'second outlet open at Blk 136 Bedok North Avenue 3 (333 Coffee Shop). Opening Date: 16 March Operation Hours : 9am - 9pm. Stall is closed on Monday
  2. There's this man tat look like a karang guni aged 50plus carry a plastic bag stealing shoes/slippers.. He'll make his round in the afternoon as i get to see him once... I saw his bag filled with running shoes and when he saw me, he walk down the the next level..
  3. BMW 7 series for rent. Kindly PM me for details or email me at invitee.rsvp@hotmail.com
  4. I saw an ah pek 2 days back in the afternoon shouldering a big red plastic bag full of shoes going his round floor by floor if i'm not wrong. As he saw me he quickly walk down to the next level. Jokingly told my hubby that he must be stealing shoes.. after reading yr post, I'm sure he is the one. Think he is in his 50s. but i can't remember is look.
  5. not a newbie but seldom post.. add some feedback to the prata stall below blke. tried the prata 2 days back. order 1 plain and 1 egg, cost me $3!!! i personal find the curry normal but the prata cannot make it lor.. so tasteless!!!! really not worth.
  6. Shxt, never think of that!! Anyone thinking of fixing a lock to the gate??
  7. Oh no, I've given them my hse keys to rectify the defects!
  8. Hi, your loan approved already? How did you find out?
  9. hi droplets, mine is also on leave when i called. dun tell me ours is the same officer !!
  10. hi pink sea, when was the dateline for your submission? mine was on 6 Sep but still no news...
  11. If this is the case, I shall call the officer to check cos there's not update on my status...
  12. Blk D is still blocked? Tat means non of the residents there gotten the keys yet... tot I saw in the previous post that 20 floor from block D already gotten keys..
  13. Do you mind? We are suppose to drop this topic. Thank you!
  14. *sigh* me too..... Yingsan, when did you submit yr loan application? i submitted mine 2 weeks back... hopefully, our turn to come soon..
  15. Went to block D almost every week and the same security uncle will always tell me next week block D will get the keys... Next week till today still next week. Think he himself doesn't know... Next trip there must look out for contractor to ask, more accurate.