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  1. It’s a peculiar thing; the relationship between Dave and I. Been graciously gifted by the Government to finally own our first humble abode, my wife and I trended cautiously. After scouring through the web for possibilities, the search results “Dave, Intra Design” bellowed at our faces. Plowing through the overwhelmingly positive reviews on the forums, I remained skeptical but nevertheless, decided to drop Dave an email. Our first meeting was disastrous. I was put off by his brash, flamboyant and at best, over confident showmanship. My wife however, been the statistically better judgement of character and capability, instinctively felt that Dave was akin to Anakin Skywalker “The Chosen One”. After several meetings and against my better judgement, we inked the contract. Cliché but that contract was one of my life’s best decisions. Deliberating over the house design and layout details, I realized that Dave’s confidence was nothing but a testament of his experience and against his wishes I quote him “L1m P3h 16 years in this business, don’t worry, I know this sh1t”. Over the countless weekends hunting for furniture, lights, wallpaper, curtains, tiles etc., we got to know the man a little better. Devoutly religious and jokes aside, Dave is meticulous to a fault, resourceful and efficient. Initially, I was apprehensive over the renovation works, but our painter ensured me “Don’t worry, if Dave say he settle, he confirm settle one” An industry veteran, Dave is highly regarded and respected. Over time, Dave was no longer our ID, but a friend and brother. So yes, it’s a peculiar thing; the relationship between Dave and I. At times, I want to strangle him for his lame and boisterous banter but more often than not, I am grateful that he made our renovation experience such a wonderful, hassle free and fun-filled one. Thanks bro for everything and if you dare to leave the chat group, I will slap you…..
  2. Hello guys, I have an almost brand new Series 6 BOSCH dishwasher for sale. Bought it from Best Denki for 1.7k. Selling it now only because we got the dimensions wrong. Please note that this particular is made in Germany and is stil under 1 year warranty. We are willing to let it go at ard 1.2k. Please call 91708967 for more details. thanks The dishwashers specs are as follows: Serie | 6 SMS69N48EU »ActiveWater Eco« ActiveWater 60 cm dishwasher Freestanding - silver inox • Capacity: 12+1 place settings > • Energy Efficiency Class: A++ > • Energy consumption in programme Economy 50: 262 kwhper year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles using cold water fill and the consumption of the low power modes. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used. > • Energy consumption in programme Economy 50: 0.92 kwh > • Power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.1 W / 0.1 W > • Water consumption in programme Economy 50: 1680 litres per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles. Actual water consumption will depend on how the appliance is used. > • Water consumption in programme Economy 50: 6 l > • Drying efficiency class A on a scale from G (least efficient) to A (most efficient) > • The information relates to the programme Economy 50. This programme is suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and is the most efficient programme in terms of combined energy and water consumption. > • Programme time in programme Economy 50: 195 min > • Duration of the left-on mode: 0 min > • Noise level: 44 dB(A) re 1 pW, built-under > • Water consumption in programme Auto 45-65°C: from 5 l on, depending on degree of soiling > • 6 programmes: Intensive 70 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, > > Economy 50 °C, Glass 40 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C, Pre Rinse > • 4 special options: IntensiveZone, VarioSpeed Plus, ekstra hijyen, ExtraDry > • 5 cleaning temperatures > • ActiveWater hydraulic system > • Water Management System > • DosageAssist > • EcoSilence Drive > • AquaSensor, Load-Sensor > • Detergent Automation > • Heat exchanger > • Alternating spray > • Regenerative electronics > • Self-cleaning filter system with 3-fold corrugated filter > • Interior tub material: Stainless Steel > • Remaining programme time indicator (min) > • Programme flow display > • Colour of indicators: red > • Electronic delay timer: 1-24 hours > • LED salt refill indicator > • LED rinse aid refill indicator >