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  1. CASE? Not much help. Went there when we started the renovation and seek for their help. They recommended us to go SCT directly instead.
  2. We met a lousy contractor which I posted few months back. Later, dissolved the contract at SCT with the agreement that he is not supposed to ask for futher payment and we are not supposed to demand him to complete the job. So, he walked away with 40% wet work completion and we had to engage difference sub-con to complete the reno. Shifted to new place 1.5months ago. Was quite happy after that. Last Thursday, nightmare arrived. Was shocked to death when we reached about 5plus evening. Whole place was flooded. Yes, whole place except kitchen. There was a chokage at the balcony pipe. My living room and 3 parquet floor bedrooms were flooded with at least 3 cm of water. Called the town council and they sent a plumber to open the temp valve below my flat to let the water flow. My mattresses, beddings, walk-in wardrobe, bags with clothings, mini compo all kena. We have to re-do the flooring, in order to do so, have to dismantle the wardrobe. All the affected clothings had sent for laundary. Told Town Council we have to claim this against them and the flood was caused by the chokage from the main pipe. They came and said that it was because someone staying above me was doing their washing after renovation. They summoned the contractor to site. Guess what? He was our ex idiot contractor! What a small world! Question time: do you think we can still lodge a claim against this contractor that he did not do a good job for the water levelling in my house? The water level at kitchen side obviously is higher than the living room thus cause the water to flow to all my rooms. **** sian!
  3. Can anyone kindly advise me what does WET Work mean? Can Painting and Plastering also be considered as part of WET Work?
  4. We thought of terminating the job with this chap, however, some fine prints of T/Cs behind the contract stated there is a penalty of 20% if we cancel this agreement. Looks like we are stuck!
  5. We tried many times to ask a schedule from him. Like what you mentioned, he kept repeating the nonsense and refused to provide one. We used both hard and soft approach but still he refuses. Running out of ideas to deal with this guy. My hubby talked to him yesterday. First he asked my hubby not to write to him anymore. He kept challenging him that there is no timeline listed in the contract. Then my hubby asked him if there is anyway for him to start plastering concurrently, finally he leaked out his concern, we need to top up $$ to start this plastering job. But, wth? We paid him 40% before any job was done! He has the cheek to ask for $$ to start new job?! Seriously we think seeking for legal aid will be the ultimate way to handle this chap...
  6. We engaged a contractor to renovate our new house. The payment scheme is 40% upon commencement of work, 50% upon Wet Work and 10% upon completion. There was no completion date stated in the contract as the contractor said it is not his practise to list down. However, he did commit verbally that it is about 4 - 6 weeks time. The nightmare started on the 4th working day. The contractor was furious that we did not want him to do the electrical job. The next thing was he called up asking why are we asking the electrical contractor to take out the old air con as we promised to let him do it. The call took place during the most busy working time, I had been confused by him and agreed to let him do so with no costs. Later I confirmed with my hubby and realized we did not agree to let him do so. He was fast enough to remove the old air con and ready to sell it. My hubby demanded him to bring back the set if not we will lodge a police report. The air con was sent back next day. Ironically the same day, there wasn't any worker report work, and the work stopped for another 2 days due to weekend. 3 tiling workers came on the next monday, they started to lay tiles in kitchen and WCs. My dad is almost on site watching them everyday, (he was formerly a renovation contractor too). He saw one of them laying the wall tiles in the kitchen all the way to the floor and asked him why he did not put any waterproof stuff as required by HDB. That guy answered him no need. My dad kept pressing us to pursue with the contractor and the contractor said they had put. Then he was challenged to knock off one piece to see any waterproofing stuff on it. The contractor knew he has caught and agreed to knock off the whole row near to the floor. At the same time, he complaint to us that the workers are not happy with my dad's presence and asked my dad not to talk to them, anything can just go to him. Today is the 17th day of renovation, they have yet to complete the floor tiles of 1 kitchen, 1 wc and 1 living hall. Worst still, only 1 worker per day for the past 2 days. We raised our concerns to him by writing email. He has never reply our daily emails and called up my hubby not to write to him on such thing as the contract has no time line listed. In a way it is like he can take as long as he want. Our package is not just tiling, others like plastering the whole house, painting, kitchen cabinets. We see no progress at all. What should we do? Anyway to make this guy to speed up the process and gives us less trouble?