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  1. Hi Baoliang,

    can you whatsapp  91830094 me the electrician number?

    or email: ashleysilverline111@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Contact of the electrician, could u message me @ 8289 6723.

  3. Hi BAoliang,


    Mind sharing the electrician contact?

    Thanks and appreciate

    you can email me : Libin85@gmail.com or sms me @ 9001 3910



  4. reasonable pricing ah? Okok..anyway i will pm you his contact.
  5. Hi Guys, Finally after a long wait for BTO, I got my keys. Currently looking for contractors to renovate my place due to my constraint budget. Just happen to met up with 2 electricians and decided to go for 1 of them due to their good attitude and advices. (example: advising me on how many lighting points is sufficient for my house) But since it's my first time renovating my place. dunno if his pricing is reasonable or not. Can some brothers or sisters advise me on it. Single Socket - $45 each Double Socket - $55 each Lighting Points - $30 each Install Downlight - $10 each Install Ceiling Light - $10 each Install Ceiling Fan - $30 each Install Instant Heater - $55 each SCV Point - $85 each Data Point - $90 each Telephone Point - $50 each Oven/Hood/Hob Point (13Amp) - $75 each Kindly Help to Advise as I need to confirm asap. Thanks and Appreciated Ah Bao.