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  1. My floorplan is the same as yours as well. probably need to talk to the aircon staff upon my installation in the next 2 weeks.
  2. I see . cause i was planning my trunking as well. But due to our build in wardrobe, we are not able to hide it in the bedroom like yours . also we're not willing to spend more to cover up with false ceiling. so i guess need to make do with it!
  3. If the loan is insufficient in the 1st HLE. it's ok. cause there is a 2nd round of HLE that they will re-access your income for the HLE. if the auto approved amount cannot cover the flat cost after deducting u & ur partner's CPF OA account. you then can ask for a HLE review.. If ur income exceed the ceiling only after you applied for the flat. Then it's ok..
  4. I see. so about 1 month after you get the HLE . you collected your keys already ~
  5. hello! just wanted to check, after you gotten ur 2nd HLE approval. how long did you wait before you gotten your keys?
  6. haha. her line forever and ever engage . otherwise not on her desk. no way i can get her one.
  7. That is very fast! had been following ur reno since day 1 I hope the wait will be over very very soon
  8. Almost there!!! Looking forward to the complete work ~ I'm still waiting patiently for mine. PCD End may!
  9. Hi! cani have the contact for the bombshelter as well? *Pls ignore me. I've found the contacts that u shared previously
  10. Hi ! can i have the aircon contacts too! Your Post brighten up my gloomy office work sia!
  11. Hey. how much was the price before discount for the 1st pic you posted?