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  1. Hi shoe2015, Thank you! Condo management told us it would take 3 working days for approval, but they eventually took one week and only after we chased them for it We didn't need PE as we are not hacking walls. All the best for your ID selection!
  2. ID Selection Hi everyone, these are the IDs/contractors we approached, not listed in any particular order. For those whom we sent email enquiry, we included in the email our floor plan that was not to scale, as well as our requirements with pictures of our ideas. Hubby included ratings for those we met face-to-face. We have refrained from stating any opinions which might invite defensive responses Feel free to pm Greenboi if you need more info on any of the IDs. Here goes...... Jason from 96 Degree Designers Sent an email enquiry to the company. Jason replied promptly and went the extra mile by providing masonry calculations, as well as false ceiling and lighting layout. Really appreciated this (which no one else provided) as the masonry calculations were super helpful when it came to comparing itemised quotes. Could not shortlist as quote was way above our budget. Quote included supplying and installing air-con and EZ Bella clothes hanger, as well as use of Blum hinges/runner. Kenny from Summit Design Rating: 2.5/5 Very thorough, took down our requirements meticulously. We heard a lot of good reviews about Kenny in renotalk. Could not shortlist as quote was way above our budget. I would actually recommend him if you are not restricted by budget at all. Rachel from 3D Innovations Rating 3.5/5 The 1st ID we met! She has a great personality - cheerful and sincere. Guided us through the process and answered our questions patiently. Very prompt in revising the quote to meet our requirements as much as possible. Hubby and I were really keen to work with her. We would have shortlisted her further if her quote was lower and without GST. Joy from Thom Signature Rating: 3/5 A pleasant and pretty young lady who took down our requirements carefully and gave a relatively accurate quote. She did her best to revise the quote to meet our requirements. Quote was attractive compared to other ID companies. Almost shortlisted. Javerson from Dots N Tots Rating: 3/5 Well known in renotalk. Very professional and sent the quote super duper fast. However, the price was on the high side. Hence, not shortlisted. Roy from IR Design Rating: 4/5 A nice and humble person running a one man show. Very thorough quotation and answered my queries promptly. Well known for his workmanship and great personality. His price was one of the best. Highly recommended. Shortlisted! Nicholas a.k.a Nick from Renoguyz Rating: 4/5 Met him together with his assistant, CF a.k.a Benny. Famous in renotalk and some say the second cheapest ID around. Not the typical ID, as he would declare. Meet him to find out and be awed by his philosophies! Known for good workmanship. Responsive over Whatsapp. Quote was still over our budget but acceptable. Highly recommended. Shortlisted! Jay from butterpaperstudio Several nice projects done by this husband-wife team in renotalk. Hubby really liked their creativity. Unfortunately they were unable to commit at this time. Jay sent us a nice email explaining the reason. Gary from Artisan Space Rating: 1/5 We met him to explain our requirements. We have yet to receive his quote till this day. Kevin from DeFong Interior Design Sent an email enquiry after calling him. He responded promptly but I was puzzled by the quote. Not sure if he mistook someone else's requirements for mine. I tried to clarify but don't remember receiving a further response. Marcus from Renzz Sent an email enquiry to the company. Quite a few good reviews in renotalk. Quotation was reasonable, unfortunately it came just as we were about to confirm our ID. If only he had sent the quote 2 weeks earlier. Triple S Interior emailed but no reply till date Jason from Cosyliving Quote came back super cheap but realised it was not according to our specifications. I enquired further and Jason explained that he was helping us to lower the cost. Nice gesture. Alan from Aian Furniture & Renovation Rating: 3.5/5 Very famous in renotalk. He is one of the two contractors we approached. Hands down the best price. Came across as knowledgeable and confident with his work. Quote almost 100% matched our requirements as well. In the end we decided that it would be difficult to do all the coordinating by ourselves and went with an ID. Building Services Specialist Rating: 2/5 Contractor recommended by a friend. The quote included installation of Daikin air conditioners and it helped that the contractor was very familiar with our condominium. However, we could not afford their service, hence not shortlisted. Derrick from I-deal House Sent an email enquiry and received quote within 2 weeks. Provided detailed sketch of the layout. Did not shortlist as quote was above our budget. Chris from Ideal Design Sent an email enquiry slightly late to the company and Chris replied with a reasonable quote 1 week later. He was prompt in answering my clarification questions. Would have met up with him to discuss further but we became busy with other commitments and ended up shortlisting those whom we approached earlier. Oh boy, looking back I realised we approached so many IDs/contractors! It was initially tiring to meet them and explain our requirements, but it was also a learning process as we gained new knowledge every time we met someone. Decided to engage Nick from Renoguyz for our home renovation! Reno is currently in progress, albeit slower than expected. Stay tuned for updates! Readers can expect the final review of Renoguyz once our reno is completed
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