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  1. done i don't think i will be doing uploading again..it is a very very tedious job..i did message mod..lets see how it goes..
  2. PMed PMed PMed, my quote is around 15000..it all depends on what is your requirements. pretty much most ids are charging roughly same prices unless those high end company. most important is rapport..cheers. PMed, pm if you need have other request. Cheers and good luck everyone.
  3. hello just pm ya, sorry for the delay..yeah it is a amazing tap with no regrets getting it. good luck.
  4. both pm send. danny door is from siong, nothing special as price are pretty fixed. Changbp - i will pm you by tomorrow as i need to search a bit and going to sleep soon. good luck all!!!
  5. hello to both, sorry for the late reply. was kinda busy. PM ya the contacts. good luck on your renovation.
  6. anyways updated as of 30th june..yeah i bit bloody slow but better late than never..the thread is alive!! will be taking photos of my moved in state. still a little bit messy but much much better!!!
  7. Good evening to all!!!! sorry for the late replies as i was busy unpacking my stuff and juggling with work..thereafter went for a short overseas trip but nonetheless, i have PM everyone who have interest in my Tblog and i really appreciate it a lot! great things must share and hope you guys find something useful in my thread.
  8. Hello just pm you instead of email hope it's ok. Good luck on your renovation. Hello pm you too. Thanks for your interest. Good luck on your renovation.. Most likely will update further on Wednesday during my day off.. Cheers all..
  9. totally busy with my unpacking that i really don't have the time to update anything. i still owe 2 pm which i will message by tonight!!!
  10. hello apoenq, i have just pm you on my id's contact. good luck on your renovation. my project has been handed over on 30th may..i will be updated this tblog soon..busy with my packing etc.
  11. we can never be to careless and lax cause i understand we can be burnt badly if wrong decision is made. research is very very important and i did pm you on my id and tblog for your reference if you need help to save whatever leftover your screwed up ex ID have left you. Cheers and good luck yeah..
  12. is it this guy? http://www.impressiondesignfirm.com/about-us/ as a home owner i totally understand your predicaments and that's the reason i been reading up renotalk for around 2 years before finding the reputable id for my home. i believe you are new to renotalk with just 3 post to alert fellow samaritans to be wary of such bastards. screwing up your dream home can be really daunting and the journey to go through case can be even worse. have to all stop these incorrigible ids by shaming them.
  13. good evening to all, would like to recommend my fellow ID to all for another option and opinion before signing on the dotted line. following is my tblog from renotalk. real live photos of the progress and i would say his efficiency and rapport is really amazing. good share for everyone who needs a reliable id to renovate your place without any worries.
  14. updates as of 26 may - plumbings and window grilles, house moving company and diy legrand millia switches!!! cheers!