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  1. Hey there! Yeah you could pretty much say that. The other IDs we met were quite hesitant to do this style because it is a lot of work. So when our contractor (who specialises in carpentry) said yes assuringly, we were so pleased. But one thing i should've highlighted is my top drawers. My trimming (border) is 6mm on top of the normal panel cabinet door. The drawers have no trimmings so they are not the same thickness as the cabinet doors. In other words, 6mm slimmer than the doors with trimmings. I should've told him to make all the same thickness. Not so obvious la people can't really see unless i tell them.
  2. Hahahaha ok la ok la here it is i think it's quite standard but with the bomb shelter away from anything else... We sealed up the original kitchen entrance and hacked the wall facing the living room.
  3. If you are planning to get a hood like mine, you can ask your carpenter to do something like this. Our contractor did it so magnificently haha. I mean c'mon.. Look at those grilles. I thought it would be one slit but he had better ideas
  4. Here are our ceiling fans... The living room one is a DC fan by Elmark. We tried it at Phylux and it was stronger than all the other DC fans INCLUDING the highly sought after Haiku. Hrmph haiku... It's a circulating fan and so it doesn't really cool down the room quickly. The one below is the fan for all our rooms. Samaire 48". Remote control so chio. Gold and white huhuhu. All our fans have life time warranties for motor ^_^
  5. Am I the only one who gives a big hoot about this? I cringed when the curtains HOVERED above the floor. And it was about 2-3cm off. Which means it would be super difficult for them to adjust the height becaaauuuuuse it's too near to the existing hole. Huuurgh. I don't mind the curtains 'breaking' as pictured above but not hover please. Man, I sound like an old naggy woman hahaha oh well.
  6. Thank you soooo much for sharing your experience! I can now confidently face what is to come. . . I hope haha. Will definitely update once we've settled in
  7. Ahhh that makes sense now. I got Shalom movers to do the move this saturday and I have a feeling they'll be wearing shoes too considering their professionalism. It's to protect their feet if they drop things i think? Ahmagadz i shall lay flattened boxes around the house. Slaps forehead i sound so absurd
  8. We are toooo haha you should be glad he actually wants to mop i think i'm gonna do some vacuuming and mopping a day before the move and print out a 'NO SHOES PLEASE' sign for the main entrance lol. Moving into a new home is physically, mentally and financially taxing!
  9. That is some crazy cleaning going on! Haha thanks so much for the extensive report for us, we had the bed, fridge and washing machine 1 day after acid washing. I didn't think of it your way aiyah. Should've thought about it. But i did expect the home to be really dusty even after multiple cleaning. You see, all this is another whole new level when tiny toddlers are around. Oh dear. I am embracing myself.
  10. We got our contractor to install our curtain rods for us and they did. It was a huuuge favour BUT. Apparently we weren't on the same page and it turned out quite catastrophic. My hubs wants the end brackets to be just beside the finials and we are so anal about them being justified with the window frames. In the MBR, the middle bracket was slightly higher than the end ones so it looks like it is arching. So... I guess he's just gonna do it himself. Our mistake of not being there while they did the installation. Our home is left with countertops, slide n swing door for common bathroom and painting touch ups. Should I start cleaning the house already? When did you guys do the vacuuming, mopping and wiping prior to move-in? We are looking at the coming saturday for moving in.
  11. You think so? I think it's the standard size of a bto kitchen I got mine in a package so i'm not sure how much the hood alone costs. It's a telescopic hood but i love hoe flushed it is with the rest of the cabinets. Even my contractor said "wah I didn't know it will come out this nice".
  12. I think after these photos, you might finally agree that we are too young for this classic home. MBR is in a mint green colour and living room is a very very light grey, lighter than the MBR wardrobe. We just fixed the edison bulbs to our dining pendant lights. Woohoo.
  13. Yay they've completed the MBR wardrobe, vanity cabinet and kitchen carpentry! Except for one cabinet to be installed after the countertop. Waiting for the Caesarstone one for the kitchen and Evershine one for the mbr bathroom. Here are snapshots of the kitchen one. Super happy with the look! The actual colour is closer to the 2nd pic although not exactly. All our carpentry is using Blum hinges and drawer tracks. I played with the Aventos HK and felt so awesome. Like "YEAH GONNA SLAM THIS oh wait soft closing is overriding my anger". Blum so brilliant please.
  14. Hi! We got them from Mega Discount Store @ kallang leisure park. It was a package for about $1500++ i think? I initially wanted a fujioh hob and hood because of heavy cooking but the CSA recommended these.