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  1. @bykaraanneThanks for replying! Good to know the table is holding up fine. Gives me more confidence to buy from them.
  2. Hi @bykaraanne! May I know your review for your dining table from Fortytwo? I've been thinking of getting an extendable dining table (not the same as yours) from them as well but I'm a little jittery about buying furniture without seeing and touching them. Thanks!
  3. Hi Sanguine, can I hv the contact no. of your contractor? 

    I hv not decided to go with id or contractor. 

    1. J


      Dear Sanguine, can share your contractor contact pls.



  4. Hi there, no I didn't go with Koong Yee in the end. Their quotation was not that cheap. Eventually, I went with a contractor rather than ID, as I know roughly what I want. Hope your renovation journey is going well!
  5. Wah, ok you confirm more chill than me. How come yours so long, you didn't start reno until very late? I finally confirmed my contractor, gonna pick tiles this weekend! Guess should be able to move in by early May ba, although not really in a hurry.
  6. Congrats, Malaxo! I also just got the keys to my resale flat this week and am excited to start reno. I have yet to finalise my contractor though. The T-blogs are a bit quiet of late, guess not many people renovating this season. I shall be checking back on your blog!
  7. Congrats on moving in! Must be nice to have the place in time for CNY, don't stress haha. I've been super chillax so I just started meeting 2 contractors on the day I collected my keys. And I already feel tired talking at such length and going back and forth on the quotations with the 2. Not sure if I want to meet more contractors, even though the 2 quotes both bust my budget by a lot now. 😅 I think by the time I confirm a contractor and get the reno permit, will be March already. 😁
  8. Hi dadajunior, do you know if J&E are now a HDB registered contractor? I called them some time last year but at that time they were not registered yet. I thought I read online somewhere that they might be getting registered by this year. Any idea?
  9. Hi Tri5tan, sorry to hear about your renovation woes. Have they been sorted? Koong Yee is one of the companies I may be considering so I'm quite concerned. Thanks for sharing any updates you may have.
  10. Wah, your place is looking great, I shall look at the rest of your t-blog soon for inspiration. Am going to be neighbours soon at AMK, getting keys to my resale 3-room flat next week.
  11. Hello! This made me laugh because it's the exact same paranoia I have - xiaoqiangs that cannot be seen! LOL. I'm getting the keys to my resale 3-room flat next week, so I'll be following your T-blog! Love your writing style. I'm still COMPLETELY clueless as to what to do with my place though - no contractors contacted, no design theme in mind, no mood board, no furniture/lights shortlisted, no nothing. I only know that the ENTIRE place needs to be overhauled and I don't want black tiles/walls/cabinets so that any xiaoqiang will be instantly spotted. Hahaha! So excuse me now while I go panic.
  12. Yes I've received, thank you! Will definitely contact Vincent when the time comes. Currently still undecided between curtains and blinds!
  13. Hello! Congrats on the move-in, your place looks fab! How did your curtains turn out in the end? Mind sharing Vincent's contact? Thanks!
  14. Anyone has more tried and tested ideas to keep out cockroaches? They're my #1 enemy. As I start to plan the renovation for my resale flat, I want to do anything possible to keep them out!