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  1. I lost my keys to my gate padlock. I want to change the padlock for peace of mind. Been searching for gate padlock and came across brands like Yale, Viro and Duro. So far I like the looks of Duro brand padlock model Art320. But after searching this forum I came across a thread mentioning Duro padlock can be opened by hitting it. Its not mentioned which model it was. So was a bit worried about the reliability of this brand. Anyone use this duro brand art 320 padlock ? I saw Yale padlock at the store but did not like the gaps between the brass body and the hardened shell. The dimple key does not go in easy too.
  2. Maybe their company don't stock or use armaflex for installations so salesman may be trying to push for aeroflex. I tried asking my colleagues and they are all using armaflex insulation for their aircon piping. I have not come across anyone using aeroflex. Are you going to conceal the aircon piping ? If u are not concealing the piping maybe u can just try the aeroflex insulation. If it ever deteriorates (touch wood ) then its easier to change to armaflex in the future.
  3. I think that rating is for the bulb to fully die out. The bulb will get dimmer and dimmer with use. I compensated by increasing brightness and contrast everytime it gets a little dim. After a year the picture quality will drop. The moment you put in a new bulb, you will notice the difference immediately. This was like 4 years ago since I changed from projector to LED TV, so I not sure if the technology for projectors has improved. I must also add that I was a heavy user. I used to watch like 1 movie a day weekdays and 3 to 4 on weekends and public holidays. So if u watch lesser the bulb will last u longer. One more thing, make sure ur motorized screen is still accessible for repair. Mine spoiled twice and had to get it repaired.
  4. I used to have a projector setup for my home theater. Projector is troublesome. Need to change bulb inside like once a year. It will get dimmer and dimmer and u lose contrast on picture. Then need to close all curtain and keep room dark for best picture quality. This is why I switched to LED TV. Now TV also come in 60 inches which is cinematic enuf for me.
  5. I just opened up the aircon trunking to see what insulation they use in mine. Mine is armaflex insulation and it was installed 16 years ago and it still in good condition.
  6. My friend just got his aircon installed by gaincity 3 days ago. They used armaflex insulation for him. So I don't think its outdated. Maybe armaflex cost higher so ur contractor trying to help u save cost ?
  7. Are there sizes (thickness) for the nails ?
  8. I called LG regarding the 5yrs warranty for the spare parts. They claimed that quarterly service was not required to be eligible for the warranty. They said that servicing is optional. I am not sure if the person i was talking to was unaware or maybe they have changed their policy on the 5yrs warranty.
  9. So the 5 years warranty for parts come with a "catch" ? So need to get LG to service quarterly to get the 5 yrs warranty ? Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi, does anyone here use LG aircons ? Can share their experience with the LG aircons ? Thinking of getting a system 4. Gaincity said that the LG aircons are the only ones with 5years warranty for parts.