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  1. hi newbie.. i am also currently shortlidting my IDs.. * quote is on the lower side.. my ID, mr DG is good and straight to the point.. went to his own house where he renovated with his company.. nice and cosy.. have not decided yet.. still looking for the ID that i can click with.. good luck to you..
  2. Hi Faithh.. Im sure you are enjoying your love nest right now. Could you PM me your ID from ID? Thanks and good luck..
  3. do what i do.. i kept a few fighting spiders (spider kang).. settled all problems..
  4. try going to expo.. right at the back extreme left, got 1 small shop doing solar film..
  5. went to expo and was served by the Chloe.. Even though she is not very experienced, she managed to convince us and she gets the idea of what we wants.. quote was also the cheapest so far.. will update more when in the advance stages of planning..
  6. hahaha.. maybe you got OCD and can't stand simple words being spelt fancifully.. anyways, went to check out R&R at the expo.. was served by the bespectacled nerdy girl.. very inexperienced.. very monotonous in explaining her views etc.. saw other 2 IDs (ah beng kind).. have not yet quote price to me.. will report back once got quote..