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  10. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some ideas for a gift for a gamer in my life. They love playing video games and are really into the latest technology and gadgets. I want to get them something that they'll really enjoy and appreciate, but I'm not sure where to start. Do you think Pandoras Box Arcade is a good start and retro gaming console? Have you had any experience with it before? Would love to hear your feedback!
  11. Hey guys, I recently was struggling with literature review and managed to sort it out using some external help. In case if you need help with writing a literature review you can also rely on these ideas: Define your research question: Before writing your literature review, you need to have a clear understanding of your research question. This will help you focus your search and identify relevant sources. Conduct a comprehensive search: Conduct a thorough search using academic databases such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, or PubMed. Use keywords related to your research question to identify relevant articles, books, and other sources. Evaluate sources: Once you have identified potential sources, evaluate them to determine their relevance and quality. Look for articles that are recent, peer-reviewed, and written by experts in the field. Organize your sources: Create an annotated bibliography to keep track of the sources you have found. An annotated bibliography provides a brief summary of each source and evaluates its relevance to your research question.
  12. Yup, agree with you. It might not be a good solution thou. Check my main post, I have found a good approach on how to do it.
  13. Hey guys, I am planning to sell a lot of unnecessary stuff from my closet. Do you know is there an app which helps to generate bill of sale? I've also heard PayPal can do that, is that true? PS: I found a good solution A bill of sale is a legal document that records the sale of a boat and transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. Here are the steps to generate a bill of sale: Download a bill of sale template: You can find free bill of sale templates online that are specific to boats or watercraft. Choose a template that is valid in your state or country. You can easily do it from https://billofsaletemplates.us/ Fill in the details: Enter the details of the boat, such as make, model, year, hull identification number (HIN), and registration number. Include the purchase price and any terms of the sale, such as a deposit or payment schedule. Identify the parties involved: Include the names, addresses, and contact information of the buyer and seller. Make sure to include the date of the sale and the location of the transaction.
  14. Hey, I'm curious about your thoughts on how the world is functioning right now. With so much going on like the ongoing pandemic, political tensions, and economic instability, it feels like things are constantly in flux. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing us today, and how do you see them affecting our society in the short and long term? PS - I have started this activity and hope it bring me some revenue as well https://www.canadianroofmasters.ca/online-slots/ Are there any positive developments you've noticed that give you hope for the future, or are you feeling more pessimistic about where things are headed?
  15. Hey guys, might not be the best forum / thread to post this kind of question but still. Let me know is there anyone plain games? Especially Minecraft. Want to know how reasonable it's to start YT channel in 2023 around this topics. Thanks!