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  1. The thing about hiring contractors are you gotta tell them exactly what you want and closely monitor their work. Also, they won't be able to advice you on what's right or feasible. I've heard from my id that one of his client's contractor didn't waterproof the wall when they sealed up one of the bathroom entrance because neither parties knew they have to do that. There were moulds growing at the wall and the client had to spend extra to tear down and rebuilt that wall. Even with my experiences with id, i have to do a lot of close monitoring, communications and even hand sketch things like carpentry customisation with measurements. During my reno, there were some hiccups like incorrect kitchen carpentry measurements were installed and room painted with wrong colour. i'll just refer my id to the sketches that i've sent him and he'll rectify without any issue. Lastly, try not to sour the relationship with your contractors/id. There were times when i was furious with my id like when he couldn't deliver things that are promised or make me waited long hours at the site while he was moonlighting as grab driver. I've managed to keep my calm when i reason with him with proof and because of that, he was willing to compromise stuffs like accommodating my last min changes for free and even send cleaning team twice when i complaint the cleaning wasn't thorough.
  2. Hi, My layout is quite similar to yours and i have placed the tv against bombshelter wall like what you have intended. One thing to note about this placement is the reflection from the window on your tv during daytime. I tend to close my windows blind and switch on living room lights when i watch tv during daytime. Regarding buying from taobao, you might need to take note of shipping cost for heavy items and you might not have time to return and exchange in case of faulty items that required installation. So reviews, materials and measurements accuracy are very very important. I've made quite alot of purchases from taobao for my reno and only 2 items have issues (one with incorrect model and the other with incorrect size). Thank goodness the 2 items are relatively cheap and i've managed to resolve by spending a little bit more to buy from local shops.
  3. It seems difficult to create wet/dry for this bathroom layout. I see 2 option. 1) build semi-circle kerb at shower area and install shower curtain. 2) seal kitchen door and install wash basin over there and replace original basin with shower. And you can create wet/dry from there. It wouldn't be ideal becoz the water will spill towards your bedroom when you shower.
  4. Most of the id quoted me $800-1.1k with 2 coated of paint. Colors limit to 4+1.
  5. I've bought my lg washer from Harvey Norman. They give me the correct host to fit into the tap. When you buy your washer, maker sure to check whether the host is clip on type like the photo below. If not, just get one from hw store and use that instead of the one that comes wif washer.
  6. Sink, cooker and etc installed during renovation. You'll need to purchase those when Reno start. For my case, my id went wif me when I make the purchase becoz he has to advice me on the measurements. My id was ard to help accept the delivery. I've also bought bathroom accessories from taobao and put my id contact as recipient. Sometimes the delivery man just left the parcel in the riser and my id will go down within an hour or 2 to bring in the parcel.
  7. Delivery done after Reno. Ceiling fan and ac would installed by then. I've arrange chair delivery as 1st batch so that don't need to stand for long. Or just sit on the floor since cleaning would already be done by then.
  8. I've installed vinyl flooring and there's no splash so far. As for shopping for appliances and furnitures, I've just make a list of items and specific brand and prices first. I just do all my purchases in a few trips and arrange all deliveries in 2 dates after Reno so that I don't have to frequently take leave and go down to my new house. For furnitures, you can actually buy during sales and arrange for delivery at later date. You can change delivery date if your Reno gets delayed. I've bought most of my furnitures during dec sales and arrange for end of march delivery. As for appliances, there're always ongoing sales. Moreover, Harvey Norman gave me extra discount becoz I've bought all the appliances at one go and I dun have to cash and carry the small appliances. Just tagged along wif delivery of bulking appliances will do.
  9. Yeah, top load. Not a fan of front load as I dun like to squart down to retrieve laundry.
  10. My washing machine is lg 9kg... Was intending to get 8kg but silent motor and auto filter linen had convince me to bought 9kg. It's Abit too big and becoz I'm short, sometimes I felt like I'll fall into the washer when I dive in to take out the laundry.
  11. Tv is 55inch.. my layout is Abit different from the rest, so can't advice on the distance. Fridge ard 330-350L.. my regret is I didn't get a fridge with bigger freezer compartment becoz I tend to run out of space. Not a heavy cooker but tend to airfry freezer food.
  12. I've installed full length mirror on my bedroom door.
  13. There are nice design with exposed pipes. You can Google for steampunk bathroom for inspiration.
  14. If you hired contractor, dun think you could expect much input from them. Toilet is a pain for me too when i did my reno. Why not cover up the hot water outlet and use the cold water outlet only? Maybe check with a plumber for advice? My experience is whenever my id told me cannot, i'll start to google for pics and show my id asking him why other ppl can but u cannot.