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  1. @gecko78 PMed you.. Yes micro heat pumps are suitable for HDB. Here is a picture of a heat pump installed in a common bathroom. You can also choose to install the heater at the yard.
  2. @PsychoRic PMed you @travisxuen PMed you too. You asked a v good question that many other people have asked. Why isn't there a heat pump that is 30 lit? This is how heat pumps work in comparison to electric water heaters. The electric water heater runs on a 3000 watt heating element. The electric heater water tank does not need to be so large because reheating time is very short. Heat pumps use renewable energy and run on 210 watts. It takes longer to generate hot water than an electric water heater. As reheating time is longer, it has a tank that is larger so your family can draw from a larger reservoir of free energy.
  3. @Titan501 I will recommend the 40 lit digital water heater. That is the most versatile model we have so far. There is a technology in it called MAX. MAX Technology is a function that can allow your water heater to produce two times more hot water than an electric heater when needed. You can read more about it here >> MAX Technology
  4. Hey Bjorn, Both locations of installing the heater is really your preference. Heaters are installed in different places mainly to suit the design on your home. There are no regulations against it, neither is performance affected. Under vanity counter installations are actually pretty common overseas, though not in Singapore because most apartments are already pre designed for tanks to be above ceilings. Some points to consider about water heater installation locations: - is this a replacement? it is advisable to install the heater where the existing piping already is to save cost - is your false or cabinet ceiling large enough to accommodate your heater? - do you want to raise your ceilings to make your bathroom look bigger? - will it be easy to service the heater? Heat Pump Water Heaters Heat pumps are the reverse of air conditioners. Instead of regular water heaters that run at 3000 watts, heat pumps run only at about 200 watts. They are currently the most consistent energy saving water heaters and are much more efficient than gas or solar heaters. Heat pumps are recommended for families of 4 or more. For a short video about heat pumps click here Have Pmed you a quotation!
  5. Hello @Sharkhunter, One storage heater can be enough for two bathrooms, you just have to size it correctly. For instance, if you are using one 30 lit heater and two big rainshowers in each bathroom, you will probably only have hot water for 2 minutes! :/ You can refer to this guide below for a good idea of how to size your heater but I will PM with some questions so we can recommend the most suitable size according to the needs of your family. Guide: Sizing Your Water in Singapore
  6. As the uptake for heat pump water heaters soar in landed properties, these systems are featured on Channel News Asia as Authorities encourage their use in apartments and even HDB estates. Heat pumps absorb free heat from the ambient air and transfer it into the water heater. While regular water heating systems run at about 3000 watts, heat pumps only run on 210 watts. Click here to read the full article.
  7. A simple, easy to understand summary of water heaters in our market today! The two most popular heaters in Singapore are instant heaters and storage heaters. The new player in the market (which is quickly rolling out with many major brands today in Sg) are digital heaters. Digital heaters combine the best of instant heaters with their speed heating technology. In the past, home owners had to choose between getting an instant heater OR an electric heater, technology allows you to get the best of both worlds now with digital heating.
  8. Large A. O. Smith energy saving heat pump water heaters installed at the Ministry of Environment Building at Scotts Road. Heat pumps are the most energy saving water heaters in Singapore and are widely used by hotels, serviced apartments and country clubs. Heat pumps are more energy saving than solar water heaters!
  9. So many people are touting 10 year warranties.. LIFETIME warranties and proclaiming their products can last forever. Today, warranties are kind of like insurance policies. We never really know what we are buying right? Wrong. We've collected the warranties of many water heater brands and gone through their fine print so you can figure out how to decipher them once and for all. Read all about it here >> Compare Water Heater Warranties
  10. A. O. Smith heaters installed in Eastvale Condominium, Capitaland for about 18 years now "I have used my AOS water heater at Eastvale Condo for about 18 years. It has served me and my family well. We only changed it recently and I will continue to use AOS heaters for its durability." - Mr Tan Hock Kwee, East Vale Condominium @ Pasir Ris
  11. Thinking about getting a gas heater but want to know the difference between a gas and electric water heater? Because of the number of requests for a water heater comparison.. We've done a survey with feedback from several retailers and homeowners who are doing their reno so you can get a better idea. This is the first in a series of comparisons that we are going to do click below to find out what people are saying! Gas vs Electric Water Heaters in Singapore
  12. Do you always find yourself waiting for 15 min for your heater to heat up before you enter? Digital heaters have intelligent functions that can save you time and give you hot water immediately. Some digital heaters come with built-in timer functions. What this means is that you can now program your heater to turn on automatically. It is especially useful to be able to sleep in for those precious few minutes in the morning. It is also great for those days when you get back home from work and want to take a relaxing hot shower immediately! More about built in timers here >> Digital Built-in Timers
  13. From speaking to a lot of home owners, this is the feedback for gas vs electric heaters so far.. If you want to read a very complete review on this gas vs electricity rating, there is an article here >> Gas vs Electric Water Heaters
  14. There is a heater in the market called digital heaters. They have built in timer functions in a control panel. might solve your problem. besides the timer they have a lot of other functions, you can read about it >> Digital Water Heater
  15. hello.. cannot be that no matter how many pple in the family, 15 liters storage heater is enough. (if so, why do all the other water heaters sizes exist? haha) you can go to this link to see how much each type of heater's running cost is. it is a renotalk article >> All You Need to Know About Water Heaters if you have 4 pple, 40 liters is recommended. but some pple use 30 lit because they have space constraint.
  16. Are you BTO? If you are BTO you don't need to worry about this because all your piping is usually run (concealed) to both bathrooms already..
  17. if you are interested in really long lasting water heaters in Singapore you can check out this review of a customer who bought A. O. Smith water heaters at Eastvale Condi. It lasted him 18 years, no leaking. definitely no bracket problem.. >> East Vale Customer Review A O Smith heater brackets are hidden so you wont see the rings around the heater. This is how it looks like installed in BTO.
  18. Here is a Renotalk article that gives you a good comparison of several popular types of water heaters in Singapore. You are choosing between instant and storage. The comparison includes both of these heaters. >> Everything You Need to Know About Water Heaters A few things to note: 1. Storage and instant heaters have about the same consumption 2. if you are installing instant, you need to buy two heaters. If storage, you only need one. So instant may become more expensive. (unless you only want to install in one bathroom) 2. If you have 4 pax in the family, safer to take 40lit or you *may* run out of hot water 707 is a good brand. the cheapest instant heaters we've seen in the market so far are at Jalan Besar. PM if you want the shop name or latest info.
  19. Do you have a large family? Or perhaps you have guests staying over? Digital heaters can prevent you from running out of hot water. A sensor is connected to the outlet of every digital heater so they can detect a higher-than-usual hot water usage. The smart heater will then produce up to two times more hot water for your usage! This heating technology is also patented and is called "MAX heating", because it gives you the MAXimum amount of hot water possible. Find out more about the MAX heating technology here >> MAX Heating