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  1. Hello my friend, can PM me your architect cum builder to me? Ty.
  2. You may contact me and I can recommend my builder to you. justinchuack@gmail.com
  3. Bro. I think you had all things a bit mix up. When doing A/A for my house, the actual process is to engage an architect first, not ID. My consultant design for our house then engage ID to do space planning and interior design. Upon construction begins, have them group up to coordinate your construction and renovation process so that you no need to spend extra money paying for VOs.My builder and ID works well as they are under same company. Getting an inexperience ID will cost you spending $ as some are inexperience in building regulations.My builder , Willy and ID Mr. Chua is the cheapest during the tendering and their service is prompt and good. If You are interested, you may drop me your email and I can recommend him to you. Going to China, especially Guangzhou, to buy your stuff will be a good idea as things over there are super cheap. We bought our lights, curtains and some tap wares and import for our house and really save a lot. You will save at least $20-30k.
  4. Hi, you may try Mr. Chua from Dingke. Had ask him To renovate my place before, price reasonable and service oriented and provide good after sales service.You want his contact, you drop me your email address and I can pass you his contact no.