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  1. Anybody engaged their Design Director's service for reno? Good?
  2. Try Light Arcade at Balestier Road, look for Andrew (owner). They have the most competitive price in Balestier and i patronized them twice.
  3. You should contact RADAC, who is obligated to go on-site to check the work of the registered contractors.
  4. Hello, I have engaged an ID to fully take charge of the renovation for my 40 yo resale HDB flat. So far, I have paid 55% and ID is demanding the next 40% payment before they proceed with installation of cabinets and vinyl flooring. After checking the wall tiles in kitchen and toilet, find that the workmanship of the sub-contractor is undesirable. Can anyone tell me whether I'm too fussy or the workmanship is really poor? Pictures attached. Thanks & appreciate your feedback!
  5. AngryHomeowner

    Tiling works in Kitchen

    Are these workmanship acceptable?
  6. AngryHomeowner

    uneven tile 2

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    tile warp?
  7. AngryHomeowner

    uneven tile 1

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    Contractor blames that the tiles warp...
  8. AngryHomeowner


    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    Protruding joint when the piece of corner plastic should be one whole piece instead of cut-off...
  9. AngryHomeowner

    drill wrongly

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    ID not around during appointment time of CityGas. They drilled wrongly. ID was not even apologetic and asked his sub-con to patch up the hole...
  10. AngryHomeowner

    crooked edge

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    contractor claims that this kind of wall tiles very difficult to cut, not every time can be straight...
  11. AngryHomeowner

    chipped tile

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    chipped tile still continue to use...
  12. AngryHomeowner

    broken tile

    From the album: Tiling works in Kitchen

    corner chipped off after cutting, made up by a small piece at the corner...
  13. Hello Everybody, I'm new here. Anyone who had ever engaged Meter Square (aka Life's box) as their interior designer faced quality problems or inferior workmanship of their sub-cons? I will share my long story and photographs if anyone reply. Regards, AHO