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  1. Hi Yam,

    Just a friendly reminder that renovation contractors in this forum are not going to be kind if they have someone to slaughter here.

    I have just renovated a 4 Rm BTO for my parent and also a pvt apartment few years back.

    My conclusion is owner has:

    1.  to be savvy or at least read about the materials and works they want the contractors to do,

    2. Don't just take one quote or trust in one contractor even is your best friend's contractor. (becos your bestfriend can't guarantee his contract is always consistent in price and workmanship)

    3. Itemize the cost. Have seen too many cases where contractor just wanna the owners to do this and that.....

    4. Be patient if you have the luxury of time.

    5. Visit your contractor's past renovated places such as flooring, carpentry and landscaping works. Don't just sign on the contract when they give you the quote...haha


    I ain't a contractor but have the interest in renovation only.