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  1. Hi All, Happened to see people asking for the extendable table link here and I am also interested it (but have not order it because the shipping fees can be quite high). In addition, some of the reviews indicated the table might have minor damage/dented during shipping. Below are the two sellers' links for our reference. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.14.ycboY7&id=15236913739 https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.48.ycboY7&id=18412516825
  2. Hi Jasper, Singapore contractors or IDs are somehow higher than other countries. Maybe is due to supply and demand, and also the manpower and material costs in Singapore. For 20k to fully furnish a 5 Bedroom flat is near impossible as stated by Darren. By getting many quotes would not help much as well; you may confuse the contractor/ID/yourself later. Set the correct expectations from the start of the renovation process is important. I started with the wrong footing and that's why I am sharing with you. Fortunately, I have completed my 4 room BTO flat renovation by end Jan 2016 without much problems. I did all carpentry works for shoes cabinets and display, features walls, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes for all 3 bedrooms, airconditioner (Sys 4), electrical works,etc for a total about 31k. No flooring and no GST. Also this is after I ask for extensive discounts as most contractors will ask you to add this and install that during the installation period, and the final bill can be slightly higher than the initial quotation. ( Bear in mind and keep records of the renovation items) I have friends regretted after they sourced for the cheapest quote without going thru' details and contractor/ID didn't do what they promised or materials/services didn't match. Please remember; cheapest is likely not the best, the best is likely not the cheapest!!! you can pm me if you want to know more. Hope you have a smooth and pleasant renovation experience!!!
  3. http://s328.photobucket.com/user/peterhowkh/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160309_092612_zpse7aasuou.jpg.html TESTING AGAIN
  4. Hi Yam,

    Just a friendly reminder that renovation contractors in this forum are not going to be kind if they have someone to slaughter here.

    I have just renovated a 4 Rm BTO for my parent and also a pvt apartment few years back.

    My conclusion is owner has:

    1.  to be savvy or at least read about the materials and works they want the contractors to do,

    2. Don't just take one quote or trust in one contractor even is your best friend's contractor. (becos your bestfriend can't guarantee his contract is always consistent in price and workmanship)

    3. Itemize the cost. Have seen too many cases where contractor just wanna the owners to do this and that.....

    4. Be patient if you have the luxury of time.

    5. Visit your contractor's past renovated places such as flooring, carpentry and landscaping works. Don't just sign on the contract when they give you the quote...haha


    I ain't a contractor but have the interest in renovation only.

  5. Hi Nerrad, With due respect, could you tell us 1. What are the various size you bought? 2. Which supplier you bought it from? 3. How much you bought? ( a range and no need to be precise) 4. Can you post your pics you the 8 pieces of the fans? For your info, there is only one supplier here in Singapore, that is why I am interested which supplier you bought it from.
  6. KenCan


  7. Hi Bro, Can PMED me or introduce me an electrician which can do HDB BTO flat (have HDB License ). Need a quote and start work if possible this month. Also, do u have a crestar fan that has LED and only 46" or 48" long? I need two and have seen somewhere. TIA
  8. Hi ZzzMonster, Could you kindly PM me the ID's contact? Also possible to send me carpentry cost for Living/ MBR/Study room? Thanks.
  9. Hi doubleEM, Good design and well purchased of all lighting from TB. The theme and the MBR toilet wall and floor and lighting are just perfect match. Would steal your ideas for my parent's house renovation....hehe... Could you help to answer the following: 1. May I know which agent (peeka/65daigou) you engaged to send these lightings to Singapore? 2. By sea or by sensitive air? 3. did you buy any insurance for all the lighting? 4. How many damaged for your lighting shipment? Appreciate
  10. HI, could u please send me C's contact? Also, how long the contractors get back to u on quotation? Regards,
  11. Not a promoter or salesman but as a consumer point of view for this Aeratron fan. The local singapore agent is Aerahaus and located same office as Amasco. U can see the quality of Aeratron fan. However, the price is high and sellin at $929 for the stunning wood grain color with black motor casing. When to Elmark, I think even Elmark selling at 20 to 30% cheaper, I wouldn't buy it because the quality I saw there really bad. Please make sure u go to see the original fan before u spend an amount for > $700 for a ceiling fan. Alternatively, u can source in Internet for buying overseas and pay for shipping and without warranty. Anyway, we as a consumer would still has to pay installation cost regardless we buy from local or overseas suppliers. Also, I have ordered mine and shall share the products once installed.
  12. Hi Clownprince, can share ur contact for contractor, curtain & blinds, store room rack? Thks.
  13. Hi Lucidacid, Great to know u did background check as reno cost is our hard earned salary. Care to share what kind of background check u did? Enjoying your reno journey write-up and thought of engaging a contractor (without ID) like u. But at the same time, doesn't want to run into problems with HDB regulation. Happy Living.
  14. Great write up. Can you pm me the contact of C, J&E, glass door cont and the aircon supplier please? thanks. Btw, any difference between in engaging hdb registered contractor and those who are not?