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  1. $200+ for those that comes with the lift brand. Or you can get third party maintenance companies to do it for $100+. Hope this helps!
  2. Do you mean just the cost of the lift, or does this budget include building the lift shaft? For just the lift, it is possible. I have approached the branded ones like Schindler Lifts and even they can do it for this budget. If you don't mind the Taiwanese/China brands, you should be able to purchase the home lift for even lesser.
  3. Hi, Can I check how much did you pay for the island? Was it included in your kitchen reno cost? I've been looking for a similar worktop like this island in your kitchen but seems like not much luck anywhere. I intend to put it in my living room as a worktop for my computer. Would be nice if I can know where you got your's and roughly how much that would cost. Many thanks!!!
  4. We just bought Dunlopillo's Finest Dreams mattress (king size) from Takashimaya yesterday. Great service by Khalid, the senior salesperson from Dunlopillo. Gave us lotsa good advice and tips about mattresses. Finest Dreams is so luxurious! Thick pillow top of 4 inches, yet supportive and medium firm at the same time. Because of it's thickness (at 16 inches), it feels super luxurious like those mattresses in the hotels -- notice how hotel mattress are very thick and always very high? Same feel. Love it. We were deliberating between the (New) Royal Premier which we saw at Furniture Mall, and Finest Dreams which is exclusive to Takashimaya. - Royal Premier has the cashmere Outlast pillow top which is the biggest pull factor for us. But this is non-flip (meaning only one side has latex layer), and pillow top is only 3 inches. - Finest Dreams won in terms of comparable comfort level, negative ion material, two layers of latex (hence mattress can be flip both sides), and thicker pillow top for extra plush! But no cashmere top which feels so soft! We bought the bedframe with the mattress too. Khalid gave us a super good deal at $3149, including mattress, bedframe, four pillows (we exchanged the 2 latex/memory foam pillow for 4 normal pillows), a bolster, a mattress protector. Nett price. Great deal, if you ask me. Finally, no more mattress shopping! The dust from the mattress shops have been giving me a runny nose every time we go mattress shopping! Ugh. p.s. Do note that 16" mattress may not fit the normal king-size fitted sheets found commonly. Those fit up to 12-14" only. Just have to ask the sales persons selling the bed covers and tell them you need to fit 16" KING size mattress. Quite commonly found these days too. They'll advise you which range can fit. Look for those sheets that can fit at least 40cm in thickness/height.
  5. I bought the Alex L-shaped sofa from Univonna @Furniture Mall yesterday. Really satisfied with the purchase, especially the good service given by the saleslady Winnie. My bf and I were at the shop last weekend and couldn't decide if we should purchase it. But Winnie was so patient and helped us with the measurement (we need to make alterations to the width). She was not pushy and very detailed. You can tell when someone speaks from experience, as compared to another who speaks like the salesman who just wanna close the deal. We left the shop after one hour without making any purchase as we would like to research a bit more. We sourced around and even went to the Univonna at IFC. Same good service was extended to us by Steven (I think) over at this branch. But the price quoted by Winnie was better (and her service was top notch). So we did not mind making an extra trip back to Univonna at Furniture Mall. Winne remembered us when we returned. She said young people nowadays are used to doing research online before making purchase. So that's why she's non-pushy and let us take our time. And if we are sincere in buying, we'll go back. True enough, it worked for us! We went back to her to buy from her. We couldn't decide if white or black leather was better so she helped us by giving us useful advice and tips. We bought one in black eventually after much discussion -- more than 30mins just deciding on the colour! I must add that she did not give us further discount -- her previous final price which she quoted us was indeed her best price. So price wise, it was not possible to bargain for more discount. She gave us 15% off the GSS discounted price and that was the final price. She refused to discount anymore. No extra charge for alteration though. Good. Winnie explained the alterations clearly to us, and showed us what she wrote on the receipt point by point. (I hate those shops which simply ask you to sign on the dotted line.) She was very detailed and her personalised service made our shopping experience there a joy. We left the shop happy customers. We paid $2060 for the Alex 3+1L full leather sofa (including alterations and two wooden tables that can be fixed on the arm rest). No GST or delivery. Very very happy with our purchase and experience. Highly recommend! p.s. I told Winnie I'm gonna write about her to thank her for her wonderful customer service! So here I am! Anyone who does go to Univonna, please tell her the lady who had diarrhea (yes i know. oops!) said hi. p.p.s. I give credit when its due. Like furniture shop Univonna. I also complain when it is warranted. Like bathroom shop Living Phenomenon @Balestier. Ugh, sucks.
  6. Wow! We didn't know Heritage carries Elkay too becos lady at Heritage was recommending some other brands instead. But when we went to UU, the Elkay bowl was sitting there in the shop! So we enquired about it. Guess we should have gone back to Heritage to let them counter-offer the $300 quote we got. Was your's with the strainer and chopping board thrown into the package too? And did you ask how long it would take to order one?
  7. Is it Elkay? One bowl? 540cm in length (sorry cant rem width and depth). I was quoted final price of $350 by this 40ish lady staff -- after much haggling though. But must mention she's nice and non-pushy. Patient and helpful. Although can't give further discount. But we bought lotsa stuff from the shop. Rain shower, shower mixer, sink tap, shelves, etc. Then boss happen to be around and happened to have a chat with us. So he gave us further discount to entice us to buy. They are really sincere if you really intend to buy too. Try buying more stuff from them. They will be more willing to give discount. One useful tip. Speak to the boss Mr Tan directly. He's very friendly and very willing to give futher discount. He gave me FURTHER discount on everything that already has been discounted by his staff. I highly recommend Universal Union after such a pleasant shopping experience there (I had a horrible one **** Phenomenon. Never mind, I already ranted in another thread.) Hope that helps!
  8. You only need to choose that type of tap then. Won't quite affect the type of sink you get. Although a word from my personal experience. I have used those "shower type" pull out tap in my current place. The water then to leak from the pull out part. We've been told by the plumber not to pull out if possibe. That did the trick and since then (that was about 8 years ago), we stopped pulling out the tap part. Maybe the design now is much better than a decade ago. Hopefully it won't leak. But I'm taking no chance. I bought a fixed tap without the pull out part this time. Hope that helps.
  9. You are entitled to your own opinion. My sole purpose is to warn other forumers to be more decerning when dealing with this shop. Since there are other fairer shops in this equal opportunity market, I would encourage forumers to try buying from other shops to avoid potential grieve and unhappiness with this shop.
  10. My purpose of this post is just to warn other forumers. They are free to make up their own mind if they are keen to be subjected to "bad service experience" or "cheating" (however we like to call that). I believe most people would appreciate that someone warn them of sales tactic like making customers believe those are all "necessary accessories" which all customers buy -- when they are not. I did do my research, hence I did not believe what they make the sales story out to be. My purpose here again is to warn other forumers whom I'm sure are here to share tips and learn from others' experience. Living Phenomenon do not sell designer stuff. So you are right by saying "designer" (with quotation mark). They look like cheap rip off of other quality stuff sold elsewhere. If they had indeed like you mention "package" those accessories so as to give customer a good discount, I would have accepted it as a normal sales practice. But they have not. They simply add the items into the invoice without asking me if I was agreeable to the price first. That is a bad sales experience, or irresponsible dishonest sales tactic, only individual can come to terms with that themselves. I'm glad you find them okay and find the more expensive price tag okay too. I'll take my money to spend on equal quality and more reasonable price tag items elsewhere. I'll take my experience and share it with forumers here too. Hope we'll all learn to be sharper, and this shop will learn to be more honest in their dealings with future customers. Everyone wins. Hope this helps.
  11. Hey machineoperator, I also bought an Elkay sink yesterday! One bowl, 540cm. Sorry I don't rem the exact model. I bought mine at Universal Union. Where did you get your's? I love the sink so far! It looks so good and cheaper than Teka (of which the quality is comparable). Let me know how you like yours!
  12. Dear all, Please do watch out for this shop at Balestier. The shop is L+Pheno (also Living Phenomenon). They sell bathroom and kitchen stuff. I have posted a full write up about my experience there under the subforum thread Kitchen & Bathroom. Go have a read if you want the full horror story of how this shop is dishonest in their sales tactics. In short, after we bought the WC and basin, the boss just tell her sales girl to "put all the necessary accessories they need into the invoice" without consulting us. Firstly, these accessories goes up to 70% more than what other shops were selling (I bought the pop up waste for $15 where this shop were selling for $45!! don't even wanna calculate how many % that is!) Secondly, the boss refuse to let me speak to her directly, so that we cannot bargain with her. We have to talk to her PRC staff, she run to her to tell her our request, then boss redirect her price to staff, then staff runs back to us. This went on a few times. As I as sick that day, I did not bother to argue with her and just wanted to finish buying and go home. The next day, when I was feeling better, I did a check with other shops (without even asking for discount) and realised I paid 25% more than what I should have paid for the WC. No wonder the boss didn't wanna speak to me becos she knew she squeeze a good deal out of me buy not allowing me to bargain with her, as well as "just add in all the necessary accessories" -- these extra stuff really cos more than my WC iteself! Watch out, forumers. Do not let LPheno cheat you by making you think those accessories are necessary. Nothing is necessary -- even the S-pipe for the sink was selling for $8 at LPheno, but only $3 at most other shops! They will squeeze you dry if you allow them to make you believe they are doing you a favor by adding the necessary accessories in the invoice. I will never return to Living Phenomenon again. Such a bad experience. Their prices are more expensive than other shops anyway. There are plenty of other shops at Balestier. Do not trust L+Pheno!!! p.s. feel free to PM me if you want the details of what I have bought and the price they charge me, and a comparision of the price most other shops charge. you'll be shock at how dishonest L+Pheno is!
  13. Unfortunately, I got "cheated" at this place. I have started a thread about my experience there. Please avoid this place if you can. They are dishonest about their selling tactics and very unprofessional. You will find cheaper stuff (some up to 70% cheaper!!!) at other shops, trust me on this. I know better, because I've been overcharged here due to ignorance. Do NOT visit this shop!
  14. We went to Universal Union at Geyland Lor 44 today due to recommendation from this forum. The boss gave us a discount we couldn't resist! We bought a one bowl undermount sink. Stainless steel and rectangular edges for sleek look. Brand: Elkay (from USA). Comes with accessories like strainer and anti-bacterial chopping board. Only $300!!! But must speak to the boss because his staff can only give us that much discount. Boss was super friendly and very very nice. Gave us discount for everything we bought in the shop! Further discount from the price quoted by his staff! We went home very very happy. Can't wait to use the sink!!!
  15. L+Phe** (also known as Livi**g Phenome**n Pte Ltd) sells bathroom stuff (wc, basin, towel bar, etc) and kitchen stuff (taps, mixers, etc). Please avoid this place to save yourself from paying more $$$ and getting less in return! I went to this shop (let's call it LP) twice to look at their basins. Because my vanity cabinet is rather small (less than 400mm), I have a very limited range to choose from. I have been walking up and down Balestier and Geylang many times, checking out the various shops recommended on this Renotalk. But most of the basin did not fit my requirement. I finally found one that fits and looks alright at LP. So I asked the salesgirl for more info about the basin. Problem 1: Lack of knowledge Salesgirl is PRC and cant understand much English. No problem, I can communicate in Mandarin. But what's worse is the she doesn't know her products! Everytime I ask her a question on a basin or WC (I was looking for WC too), she had to flip her little notebook and refer to her notes. And as if to prove her lack of knowledge, she often tell us the wrong info about the product. This could be info like size of WC, where the items are made in, and even price of item! Her boss keeps interrupting her to correct her. We suspect her boss think we look like a young couple so she sent her PRC staff for "training" with us. Her lack of product knowledge is unbearable. Problem 2: Boss tell staff to "just put everything on invoice" without discussing price with us After we finally selected the WC and basin we want, the boss who has been assisting us told her PRC staff to "just put all the items we selected and ALL THE NECESSARY ACCESSORIES" on the invoice. The "necessary accesories" include things like the s-pipe under the sink, the pan collar for the wc, the pop up waste trap for basin etc. Please note that they just simply add the items into the invoice without discussing with us! It's not as if it's free or part of their basin/wc package. How can they just add the items! Problem 3: Overcharging Most places selling WC along Balestier package the pan collar into the WC price (at least those that we asked were willing to give us FOC). This place was selling it to us for $20!!! LP also wanted to sell us the plastic s-pipe for $8. A check with other shops show that it cost around $3 only. LP also charged us $45 for the pop up waste trap for basin. We bought a similar one for only $15 at other places today. There were many such extra accessories which they wanted to add into the invoice without informing us the price. Problem 4: Boss left without giving us a chance to bargain When you select the items you'd like to buy, the next step is to talk about the price right? The boss simply left the PRC girl and went upstairs to rest WITHOUT allowing us to discuss or bargain the price. She just said I gave you very good discount and left. Her so-called "very good discount" is the normal 20% discount she gave to everything in the shop! That's no discount at all! We had bought the WC and basin together because we know we can bargain for a better discount. But she did not give us any discount at all and refuse to talk to us! When we ask the PRC staff to give us a package discount, she had to run upstairs to talk to her boss, then run down to tell us the price. Then she will get our answer and run back up to tell her boss. This happen a few times and I was getting impatient cos I was sick that day. So being sick, I had no energy to pursue the matter on the spot. I should have walked away. I know that but I was too sick to realise I was being taken advantage of by this shop! Not only do they sell overpriced stuff, beware that they add in those so-called "necessary accessories" without telling you! They even claim all shops sells those accessories with the wc and basin. I'm so glad I did not buy those "necessary accessories" from them. I saved almost $100 by buying from other places today. It wasn't until today when I was feeling better than I realised how I have been "cheated" by this shop! And I even paid too much for my WC. A check with other shops (before any discount) show that I paid $30 extra for the WC. No other shops sell that brand more expensive than this LP shop! Please avoid visiting L+Phe** at Balestier. They are not honest and upfront with their sales tactics. Feel free to PM me if you want more info about this dishonest store. I have much to share. I'm so pissed!!!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU BUY FROM L+PHE** @Balestier.