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  1. Based on the photos above, I as a teak specialist for 9 years can verify that they are teak. Chances are that the teak are from indonesia. yes. teak has colors ranges from very light yellow, to light brown to dark brown for the base color. There are stripes that ranges from light brown to black stripes. depending on the area the tree grows, the soil condition will bring forth the character and the color of the wood. As for the adhesive part, it is very well said. cheers, simon
  2. sorry for the late reply. usually market rate for 2 bedroom ranges from sgd350 to sgd500 for 1 coat of melamine and 1 time sanding/buffering. a one day job. depends on your coating. if you choose the better varnish like water-based coat. it may cost up to sgd800 to 1000. all depends on what you want. the key issue is ... know what you are paying for. regards, simon. p.s : please note that in the market, usually below 500sqft, they will quote you ONE LUMP SUM, as transport of equipment and workers is fixed.
  3. Marble polishing is done separately from your 3 bedrms. Marble polishing - takes only at most half a day to complete. As for your 3 bedroom, they will only do buffering with grid 80 and coat. within one day no problem. but i believe is only 1 coat. regards, simon
  4. Sanding requires at least 3 kind of machines. They are the Belt machine for sanding the 38# grid sand paper and the #80 grid sand paper. Because the Belt machine are big and heavy, it is difficult to sand the sides and corners of the wall. Edge sander is used to sand the sides and ends. sand paper used is the same as above. After the whole floor is sand to grid #80, then it is best to use the Buffering Machine. This Buffering machine is similar machine used by the marble polishing machine. Usually use grid 120 to 180 or 240 sand paper to smooth the floor to give a good finishing. Coating are applied in between buffering and polishing the wooden floor to perfect finish. Hope above helps u guys to understand more about the machine used in sanding a wooden floor. Regards, Simon.
  5. i check out. revarnish parquet is about sgd2.50/ft2. revarnish marble is about sgd1.50/ft2. try to use this as a guage. u may get cheaper or more expensive. at the end is your area that determines the price. regd, simon
  6. My question is ... why? The usual reason why people choose parquet is that it is a solid wood floor. why solid wood, the warmth your feet will step on even when the aircon is on. why hate parquet? main reason is that is has scratches here and there. well, if it is wood, natural scratches is a norm and you have to accept this fact. then if u do not want wood floor, there are laminates which are plastics floor and scratch proof. and if u do not like wood color, then go for tiles and marbles. each have its own characteristics and its reason for their presence in a home. cheers.
  7. Over laying parquet over existing ceremic tiles is possible. I confirmed that this is already done in many houses. But things to note. Preferably, u use parquet with lengths not more than 14". The reason is very easy to understand. lengths 8" to 12" installation method is glue down without nails. 14" and up, usually, nails will be used to nail down the wood due to tension. Since, no nails are needed. The glue is the key issue. Get a glue that can glue wood and tiles. Then glue the parquet to tiles. The rest is the same procedure. Hope my note above helps. regards, simon.
  8. You never mentioned the thickness. My suggestion are as follows :- 3" => ranges from 70mm to 75mm in width. - Usually we use 11mm to 18mm in thickness. recommended minimum thickness is 11mm / 12mm as it is already very stable at this thickness. 4" => ranges from 90mm to 98mm in with - Usually we also have 11mm to 18mm in thickness.. recommended thickness preferably 15mm to 18mm - is ok. but price is high. 11mm to 12mm there is a tendency that i will warp. Subject to the glue used and the dryness of the timber. Hope I answer to your question. best regards, Simon.
  9. To answer you folks on Parquet Varnish Floor Costs. First, you need to know what is invovled in Parquet Varnishing or Finishing. First Question to ask. Is your wood flooring old or new. If old - do you still have the thickness of wood to allow at least another 1mm to 2mm of sanding. If new - should be no problem. You see, before you sand better know this. Else, after you SAND DOWN your parquet floor and hits the groove, you have see a gap or hole. That is to say, you have to hacked the entire floor and pay more money. Now assume that you have enough thickness to sand down 1mm or more. The steps for sanding are as follow. First use a 38 grit Sand paper together with a Sanding Machine. The worker will sand the first round to level the parquet. This is usually done for new wood when first installed. If exisiting floor, above step is skipped. Then, they will use a grit 80 sand paper to smoothen the floor with the same machine. Then they will apply the first coat of Melamine (standard way) Dry for 4hours. Then use hand to sand with 180 grit sand paper to final finish. Then apply second coat of Malamine. (usual final and finish) By now, you should see that they will hand over to owner. However, some owner prefer more coat. So, they will use hand to sand with 180 again and then apply third coat of Melamine. (last coat) Now. Melamine cost varies / Sand paper cost varies / Workman cost varies. So to give a rough guide. If your area is big and 2 coats of Melamine. Per square feet, the market charge SGD2.50/sqft retail. Please note that you have to add in the management/supervision cost and transport cost. Normal transport cost is about sgd50/trip easily. Manpower worker cost if it is skilled foreign worker is usually charged at sgd80/day. Supervision charged are usually sgd100/day. I have not come to the water-based coating for wood flooring. Water based is non-toxic as compared to Melamine. Price for Melamine (5 litres) is 5 times cheaper than Water based coat (5 litres) In the internet search, just search for wood coating - water based coat. you will come across brands like Bona and Loba being the top range. All coatings come in either gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matt and matt feel. Water base coat comes with High-Traffic or Normal Traffic. High Traffic has a better protection against friction/wear and tear. Mainly use in shopping centres. Usually water-based coat is charged at SGD3.50/sqft retail. Above are the cost without guarantees. Supposedly u forget to close the windows. The whole floor is flooded with water. Then to resand or redo any job will be additional cost. Some contractors add the insurance cost in. Some did not. This is all I think I can say. Based on your judgement and what you really want. Any price above my quoted retail price is subject to the service and gurantees they provide. hope i answer to this forum question. cheers. simon.
  10. If you have the time, come down to my warehouse. We are wholesaler, importer and exporter of Parquet Flooring. We sell the Glue, the Sanding Machine and the repair kit for Parquet flooring. I can show you how to repair if you want. Though it may be tedious. A few ways to solve your problem. 1) To TOTAL RESAND your entire area and re-coat your floor with a better coat (waterbased coat). 2) To just repair the area by chisel/dig out the spoiled parquet and replace with a new one. resand the area and re coat that area only. - the area may be spotted easily. not a good idea. 3) TO overlay with new parquet - most costly of course. if you do yourself, u need the tools. but they are expensive. so my advise to get the sanders to do for u. in the parquet market, they are 2 kinds of contractors. The installer - they are the ones that glue the parquet to the cement floor. - just install only. the sanders - they are the ones that sand down the wood flooring and coat to finish. get the right person, and u will save a lot of money. you can visit my website at www.naturewood.com.sg and come to my warehouse at 38 sungei kadut street 2 to know more. best regards, simon.
  11. Just came across this discussion and would like to help. I am a timber supplier in Sungei Kadut. website is www.naturewood.com.sg We cut teak logs into sizes that you want. We can supply decking materials like Balau and Chengal. Feel free to drop by 38 Sungei Kadut Street 2. If you have not seen a sawmill, this is the place to get a feel of it. In time to come, you may not see these kind of mills in Singapore as they are too expensive to upkeep here in Singapore. For people who want to DIY, we also sell the glue and the varnishes. The sanding machine are available too. People who loves solid wood and like wood working can come.
  12. to all, i m proposing renotalk to come out with a special folder just for shopping for renovation part. for example - shop for lights shop for funitures - bed shop for tiles - shop for carpenters - for special warbrobe shop for doors. i beleive, it will be interesting. we will discuss about which shop is good and which shop is no good. what to buy in the shop ... any promo ... what pricing ... and what brands they carry. i believe this will help a lot of renovaters, homeowners too. this is just my idea and i hope renotalk and look into it ... i will love to use it in my next reno ....
  13. Dear all, I was searching thru the entire web in singapore and cannot find a good neutral site that shares about buying kitchen sink. First of all, WHERE can we buy? Any good honest recommendation? Why good? - Price correct and Good material should be the answer. I m looking for stainless steel kitchen sink. But no such topic as where to shop. - Seems like everyone goes Asia Excel at Balestier. Well, I will go and check it out. Now, after much searching ... Below are some of my recommendation Just By Searching Internet. a) Asia Excel in Balestier 292. b) Bretz at Park Mall if looking for high class. c) Hong Joo - 301 Jalan Besar d) Poh Joo (also well recommended thru internet) - 390 Jalan Besar e) Multicol - 101 Kitchener Road - near Jalan Besar f) Sim Siang Choon - 21 Changi Road g) Lotus Art - No. 1 Jalan Beseh New World Centre h) Try IKEA ... What I learn from search ... First pricing looks like range from 100 - 800. second, must know undermount or overlay. third size of your sink if there is already a existing kitchen frame. anyway, i believe there are expert out there. can u share with us, how to approach in buying kitchen sink ... step by step??? is it that complicated? what are the pricing like? what should we look out for? why price is so different? is it branding or is it really $$ for $$. Brands like Rubine from Korea is recommended in this website. Franke is also well-known thru searching web. Any recommendation and why and if possible, the price range will be greately appreciated. I will do my marketing and report here thru this link. If I do not benefit from this forum ... i hope others thru my experience will. RENOVATION IS A BIG HEADACHE AND VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!
  14. For Burma or Indonesia teak flooring, try Nature Wood Pte Ltd. Tel : 63630030. They are specialised in teak flooring in Singapore. The price is subjected to the followings .. the thicker it is the more expensive. the wider it is the more expensive. the longer it is the more expensive. now. comes to the part of what is the difference between indo and burma teak. Indonesia Teak. (tectonas grandis) Mainly plantation teak. this means they are planted by the Dutch in the 1800s. Now managed by Indonesia government. Trees are chopped down at 30 years old to 50 years old. Hence, considerable young tree. The color is much ligher and the grains are much further apart. the tree grows bigger faster and hence the annual rings(grains) further apart. There is not much difference from Burma Teak if you use parquet. small piece. Price wise, indonesia teak is slightly cheaper than burma teak. Burma Teak (tectonas grandis) Same species as indonesia teak. but they are grown in the wild forest. hence, there are trees as old as 500 years old. the oil in the tree are much richer and the color tends to be yellowish brown. the teak oil in the wood can prevent termite attack. the color are mainly yellow to brown ... but more brownish compared to indonesia teak. the rings are narrower as the trees grow slowly without fertilisers. The reason for the high price is because it is a much older tree and it takes longer time to grow. usually chop down between 50years to 200 years old. However, both are still teak. the only differences is the soil condition and the number of years grown before they are chopped down. hope this will give you some insight into teak. By the way, Brazillian teak is NOT teak. it is cumaru. you can check this in the internet by typing brazillian teak. it is supposed to be cheaper than teak.
  15. Wood flooring in living room will give your living room a very resort feel. If that is what you want .. of course you can use it. after installation, you can even lie down on the warm wood floor watching tv in living room. when your aircon is on, your feet is still warm with wood flooring. potential problem. if you are afraid of high traffic, then you must apply the right kind of varnish. in the market, there are many brands of water-based coating. For your living room, i recommend high-traffic water based coating. it is more expensive than normal coating. but if you insist on wood floor, why not insist on good high traffic coating. there are many brands out there .... the brand i recommend is BONA or LOBA. go ahead and try the websites like www.bona.com or www.loba.com.de. they are good water-based coating for your precious solid wood. However, due to the nature of wood, if it is wood, then confirm there is a possiblitiy of scratch if the scratch is a hard scratch. naturally, the wood will expand and contract ... and there may be some gaps. so, if you love solid wood, you must know that this is part of the character of wood floor. else, like what the laminates people say .... use laminate. i use to tell pple, if you floor scratches .... that means you are using SOLID WOOD. if you floor does not scratch or have no gaps .... then chances it is a plastic floor.