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  1. Dear all, I have received many PM regarding my contractor contacts. sorry I cant reply all PMs(too many) but i can share it here . Aircon: Good air services ( can find their FB - contacts here) look for george nine 02 nine five 033 Contractor C (caseline): nine 7 two three , 0 nine 88 Contractor J&E : kinda lost their contacts but im sure you can refer to others here who engaged their service. Cheers!
  2. Thank you v much! Opps, didnt realise my inbox is full. I just cleared it. feel free to message. Hi Christina, Please refer to post 59 above? thanks!
  3. There you go. I only overlay the shower feature wall and floor area(to a darker color one and less slippery)
  4. Dear all, it is been a while since I last updated and reply all of you, kinda busy with moving and other stuff. Here are some of the pics, We have not officially move in yet because there is some delay in our new bed Reno is done and handed over. And as above, there is some taobao furniture loots. It is been a great journey so far and lots of unpacking to do. I will provide some of the contacts you guys requested as below as I have no time to reply one by one. sorry ! heh Aircon: Good air services ( can find their FB - contacts here) look for george nine 02 nine five 033 Contractor C (caseline): nine 7 two three , 0 nine 88 If you have any question regarding my reno , Taobao or design, do feel free to ask here! I try my best to reply! cheers! *PS hope the haze go away!
  5. My first TB loots and some of the progress! First paint job: done Kitchen: 90% done. Bathroom: 90% done. Electrical stuff: 80% done. Carpentry: 75% done. Room door: bought from siong door(through group buy) Bathroom door: Swing and slide door (not PD Door) Glass works(kitchen sliding/ bathroom shower screen): from neighbors contact Lightings/switches: TB Aircon: well done by Good Air Service (highly recommended!). competitive price and most importantly, very good service. Give good advice on how to hide the ugly piping and how to conceal drainage pipe etc. Anything not done properly, he will come back do nicely for you without any question ask nor will ask for additional charge. Will share more pics next week, hopefully is ready to move in.
  6. Starting of the messy part: Aircon piping(to be boxup), laying of electrical points, and false ceilings.
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    My 5rm dream home proj
  8. Dear all, Sorry for the MIAing, Was busy with other stuff as well as coordinating with the contractor/workers(to make sure everything go smooth) I delayed in replying all those who asked for contacts as I want to review my contractor , making sure it is a good contractor. So far only complain is, there is a delay in works being done(they did not follow closely to the time schedule given to me). Lucky for me, I am not in a rush. Prefer a good workmanship than a rushed lousy work. A few miscommunication here and there(which is quite normal i guess), but they rectified the problems as promise. What i learnt from this forum is, do not assume the contractor(or sales person) will convey every single details to the workers, it is best you participate fully from time to time to make sure you are looking at all the works being done! I am not sure it is the same if you engage ID, maybe less supervision but still, it is the best you look at the progress of your own house. I will share the progress in the later post while replying all the contact request.
  9. Looking good. Have to say you really know your stuff! Your ID will fix the misaligned tiles for you? Just realised we chose the same toilet feature wall tiles! lol You have aircon in your master bed room right? are you going to do a door for your WIW?(if not your MBR aircon wont be cold enough)
  10. Hi prince! I bought LG roboking from qoo10 - 6270 model for $580 during flash sales. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/LG-ELECTRONICS-LIMITED-SALE-LG-ROBOKING-DUAL/407269343 So far tested in my parents house.. quite smart, will avoid obstacles and wont miss any part of the house. good for lazy ppl like me Lol.
  11. The design of shoe cabinet: My wifey wanted a inset seating with mirror so that she can change her shoes when going out. We further improvised to have a 15cm gap at the bottom of the full height shoe cabinet so that we can slot our frequently used slippers/shoes in. Just bought a domestic helper! LG roboking! The 15cm gap is for my roboking to slot in to charge too!
  12. As C is a contractor, we dont have 3D design drawings(must pay if you die die want). So we must use more of our imagination! However, we have some very detailed drawings ( which i appreciate it very much). Our Living room and shoecabinet(divider) Our Kitchen area and bathroom Our WIW and MBR area Our renovation starting soon! cant wait