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  1. Eh.. Sorry i don't have internet access at home.. but looks like no one is interested in coming leh... so far only artng responded... Anyway.. this is not a hse warming.. LOL! just a normal gathering... I will check again later.. see the respond.. if not think tonight have to cancel... *I not popular leh..*
  2. So pissed off with my neighbour upstairs... Doing DRILLING and KNOCKING at 6.40am in the morning... Not a good start for new year you know... **** it.. And there's this neighbour from the other block, everytime the dog barks, he shouts 'SHUT UP'... The more he shouted, the more the dog barks... Panda Eyes Now..
  3. Hi Hi , Welcome to renoblog!! Wish you a smooth renovation! I love st 64.. the external area feels just like a condo...
  4. Selling my sofa!! Those interested pls PM me.. Less than a month old! I've post it on the sales thread, please take a look at the details. Thanks
  5. Ok.. good! Shall we set on the new year week on 11th February 2008 (Monday) at maybe 8pm? I'll prepare some snacks and drinks. Those coming, just add you names in the list... 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  6. I'm fine with any day.. As long as everyone free, can make it. Let me know in advance so i acn prepare some food and drinks! I'm staying Blk 470. Let me know whether weekdays night, for a short chill or prefer weekend. Since everyone is staying so near, i think no problem right.. LOL!
  7. Gosh.. they come in the morning too! As we just moved in, we didn't wnat to get the season parking. So hubby didn't go work yesterday.. and after sending me, he went home and put a coupon at 830am - 930am. Then he got a summon at 10.24am. Suay... Intending to have a gathering for the forummer.. Erm.. but not sure if you guys will be interested to come...
  8. Finally.. Wedding is over.. Everything is over now... Get to enjoy the cosy home!! Some final pictures. (Apologies for the image, not very well taken + super messy) Living Hall. Wall is in lollipop. TV by SONY Bravia. L Shap Sofa from Casa Italy MBR. Wall Color in Grape Vine. Curtains from J & S Design (black out curtains) Bed from Kaimay@Sungei Kadut. MBR Toilet. Kitchen in Black and White Laminates.
  9. Thanks thanks! My reno is about 19k including tiling. (Not including furnitures, appliances, aircon and electrical) My house is ready.. i shall take the final product tomorrow.. and post up the last few batch of pictures...
  10. Talking bout carpark.. I think the fatimah always come around 6++ to summon ppl.. THe first time me and my bf went to view the house, we came down and one of the neighbours warn us .. say faster go check ur car.. they are always here around this time.. and true enuff.. got summon.. and for consecutive 3 - 4 times.. always kana summon at that time.. The carpark just beside 470... Today went to the hse from morning till 5pm.. still nothing happen... so ppl using that carpark.. be more careful.. but i guess all will buy season parking... anyway.. my house is officially ready.. tomolo will be moving in all the things to stay in liaoz... and saturday will be wedding day... Faster finish everything...
  11. WOW... you house is really big!! 140sqm I like your MBR, so big and nice to design! Do post pictures of you reno ok!
  12. I love your choice of appliances and also your lightings! They are so pretty!!!
  13. Good good!.. i like the neighbourhood being really quiet and peaceful... Just that in this thread, the ppl gets as quiet as the neighbourhood... like very 'cold' leh..