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  1. heheee oops sorry for that anyway, your consolation is that i find it big and takes up a lot of space even though it's folded up
  2. Hi BunBun, the sofa bed I got from Ikea is a queen sized bed, so I guess it's roomy for 2 persons
  3. Hi wishbone, this is the only pix where u can clearly see the details of the table i dun hv the dimensions with me now, can check later... bought it in sungei kadut, IFC, can't remember the shop's name though
  4. After 3 months of no updates, here are some "after" pix.. Managed to take pictures of living room only.. Sorry for the mess
  5. hmmm... guess we're lucky then. we bought 2 bookshelves from them and they delivered last sat as agreed and items are defect-free.. btw, we paid in full. i guess it really depends on luck then
  6. Some updates folks... didn't manage to take any pics though.. 1. most of the furnitures already delivered last Sat (sofa, TV, ref, washing machine, electric fans, display shelves).. mounting of TV to be done this coming Friday. 2. Feb 23, Sat is the day of our big move.. hopefully ID can turn over the house by Thurs or earlier.. So stressful.. boxing up things while spring cleaning is no easy task.. then later unpacking.. i can now imagine how busy we'll be this coming weekend !!
  7. Oh I see.. thanks for the info !!
  8. same here.. same heater.. btw, may i know what is the diff between the compact & protek? Is protek more powerful in terms of water pressure?
  9. err.. i can't remember the size of mine hehe
  10. hehehe.. no lah.. miscomm does happen and it takes 2 to tango me oso vry blur so... thanks for researching and sending the pix! now, it's crystal.. thanks!
  11. e... this may be stupid question where is the 'seat' part in the drainage? does all sink hv this?
  12. ya ours is also 9yo EA flat (resale) and all pipes are exposed !!
  13. errr.. a bit off-topic, just wondering won't doing that clog ur drainage?
  14. that is enlightening.. thanks for the explanation I just find it a bit off coz can see the silicone while other undermount sink I see has no visible silicone.. I just thought maybe the pictures are not close up so can't see properly... thanks!