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  1. Hi All, I need an opinion on choosing between Mitsubishi Starmex and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon. Requirements: Aircon in 4 rooms (1 living and 3 bedrooms) Usage: Living room (high usage) Master Bed (high usage) Other 2 bedroom (very limited, only when there are guests) This is what I have booked with GC, though I have an option to change it. ==================================================================== Mitsubishi MHI System 4 Inverter SCM80ZJS (outdoor unit) with 3 ticks [can support upto 31K BTU] 3 x SRK35ZMAS (12K BTU) [Bedrooms] 1 x SRK71ZMS (24K BTU) [Living room] Upgrade to 1/2" SYS 4 (CLASS 1) Upgrade Copper G23 to G22 ==================================================================== Other Aircon I'm considering: Get 2 System 2 units (both 5 ticks) Mitsubishi Starmex: Master Bedroom and one other bedroom System 2 Inverter MXY-2G20VA (20K BTU) - outdoor unit 2x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit Living room and remaining bedroom System 3 inverter MXY-3G28VA (28K BTU) - outdoor unit 1x MSXY-FJ18VE (18K BTU) - indoor unit 1x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit I'm wondering if I should go with just one System 4 or split to 2 System 2 If I choose MHI, then I can only use the Aircon in Living and Master bedroom concurrently. if I turn on any more units, the cooling efficiency will deteriorate. Starmex costs more and I would be using 2 outdoor units concurrently, which is not cost efficient. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Thank you very much for taking time to respond. The resale unit is arnd 13 yr old. The current owner has kept it in very good condition, but the kitchen is not to my liking. Of the few IDs I have interacted with, some clearly ignored the requirements (bulleted points ) mentioned in my email and sent me standard quotations. So I'm definitely ignoring those.. And then the road shows / expo event ones wanted me to make a deposit first before they would get into the details.. yeah right.. like I would fall for that... After reading a few reviews, I have had conversations with one ID. I'm not sure this is the one, but like you mentioned, the ID suggested a site visit before he provides any quotation. So i'm going to give him a chance. I have seen quotations ranging from 7-8k to 24k. And the quotes more or less look the same how is that even possible? Would you kindly share your ID details. This forum is simply superb. I'll read more reviews and contact a few more IDs before finalising one. Also if you don't mind sharing what materials your ID is using. I have no idea what the different materials are, don't want to agree to what the ID says without researching a bit more. Thanks again.
  3. Hi forummers, We are in the process of buying a resale 5rm. The kitchen needs a full makeover. Having never done any reno before we are confused how to go about selecting an ID. Has anyone heard of ID Concept Elements? Any reviews? The other ID we have been speaking to is from BMInteriors. I read they are good? thanks for some suggestions. Regards.
  4. Hi Can you provide a quote for the following: Fujioh FG-3773SV GL GAS HOB BLACK GLASS Fujioh SLM-900 R/V (what is the difference between the 2?) Ariston FH 51-IX Oven Bosch 60cm HBN331E2J
  5. I need a quote for 5 tick System 2 Inverter and 5 tick System 3 Inverter Mitsubishi preferably. Suggest alternatives. System 2: 1 x 18K BTU + 1 x 9K BTU System 3: 1 x 12K BTU + 2 x 9K BTU 1/2" armaflex insulation, G22 copper piping Disposal of existing units, piping etc.