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  1. Wish Fellow Neighbours, Happy Lunar New Year 2012 Good Health & Prosperity. For those selling their flat, wish e new yr bring us Higher Selling Price. HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!
  2. - Wat? After June2012 then install? Y 79E so special? Then wen izit ready? - No wonder! I wana subscribe to ST MIO Home package, they say not ready yet! - by e time wen its ready, mayb i'd already sold my flat. Hahaha. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! BEST WISHES & GOOD HEALTH!
  3. Good. Hope by the time i can sell my flat, it can sell at >S$799,999.00. Had received e 'OPENNET' letter, regarding e installation of cable for fibre network. Dunoe izit a mus to installed e new fibre net box beside e existing SCV box? Can it be installed jus behind e main door? Base on my flat layout plan, if i were to run new trunking, - it gota cum in above e main door, run below e false ceiling of entrance foyer (outside of Household shelter), turn-up & run along ceiling, turn-dn & run dn to skirting, turn-up & run along skirting & all the way straight to beside existing SCV box. It mayb kinda of unsightly. - or e other way is for e cable to cum in frm above e main door, run outside e kitchen along e beam, run under e ceiling straight along e living rm wall, along e beam of bedrm passageway, turn & run above living rm window (below false ceiling) or below living rm window (along skirting), to beside existing SCV box. The unlucky part is dat i hav a box-up jus above e main dr & false ceiling at entrance foyer. The lucky part is dat i dun hav carpentry/feature wall abutting e household shelter wall. I think those units with entrance foyer layout & hav feature wall outside household shelter, and e SCV box is diagonally across e living rm, will hav difficulty in running e new trucking. M wondering, since all elect cables r concealed, Y in e 1st place, e flat doesnt cums with pre-laid cables for future installations???. Opennet fibre network did not jus came out jus like dat, had been planned long ago by e gahment. Any1 got any better ideas or methods of installation? Cheers.
  4. - it was reflected in e hdbinfoweb resale transaction pg, April 2011 transacted. - if he can sell so early, dat means he's frm SERS. - if he's frm SERS. dat means he had bought e replacement flat at e discounted price of <$250k base on e unit's level. - if e unit was sold at $628k, dat means he had made a profit of abt 1.5 times e purchased price after factor in e before & after cost involved. Assume $250k = paid & outstanding loan, refundable used cpf & incur interest. Therefore, $628k - $250k = $378k - if e replacement flat had been fully paid, then it will b $620+k profit after all the admin fees & agent fees. Cheers.
  5. Hey neighbours, election coming. - cast ur vote wisely. - wonder who wil win dis time round. - i only noe, wen mp hse-visit, most neighbours close our doors. Cheers. Hey glennyuen, fyi, - e cpf utilized frm day 1 to present & e incur interest can b checked at e cpf web page. This r e two amount u need to refund bak to ur cpf account if u sell ur flat. login to cpf web page using ur singpass, below ur contribution table, u wil b able to see 'this 2 amount' under e property section. - hdb loan interest rate is 2.6% per annum. as e interest rate is 2.6% throughout ur loan tenure, u wil b able to calculate e amount payable in 'X' yrs time. Cheers. Hey Mysticalrubies, - ur agent brought u to a 38th storey unit to view? The owner or agent never tell u wat size is e unit? - all new flats >1990s r smaller than <1990s, dun u noe? - u may not noe there r 2 sizes of 4-rm unit (75sqm & 90sqm) & 1 size of 5-rm unit (110sqm) in 79A-79E. - if u intend to buy a high level 4-rm unit, b prepare to pay a premium. - my is a 4-rm 90sqm corner high level unit, unobstruct N NS S SE view, can see PIE(kallang), CTE(Potong Pasir), Sg Flyer, Bishan AMK, NDP fighter plane fly-pass, fire-works etc. I can consider sell it to u if u r willing to pay >$750k. But in 2 yrs time. - another option is -> u sell mi ur Braddell 3-rm flat, I sell u my TPY 4-rm flat. u happy, i happy??? - btw, if ur Braddell 3-rm unit is bigger than e TPY 79 4-rm unit, y u still wana pay $$$ to dnsize??? Cheers.
  6. - mine? can only b put up 4 sale in 2 yrs time. - i wonder, in 2 yrs time, can a 90sqm 31-35 floor unit be sold at $800K? - if can, i'l sell, no need think... - e highest resale value shd b wen e unit is jus 5 yrs old. - actually, we can only gain half a million profit if -> e unit is sold at >$750K wen e purchased price was approx. $250K frm hdb under Balloting Exercise. -> e unit is sold at $xK + $500K wen e purchased price was $xK frm hdb under SERS. ($xK = $$$ or cpf which 1 gota fork-out) - watever amount of cpf used wen buying (a) flat frm hdb, gota b return bak 2 e cpf after e sales of (a) flat. - husband & wife % of profit may olso b determine by e contribution rate by both parties during e 5 yrs. - new ruling olso states dat only a small portion of e profit would b release 2 e seller. - lets say we really can gain $500K frm e sale of our unit. Then after e sale, we still need to buy another New or Resale Flat to live in. By then, e New & Resale units' prices would hav olso increase. - We sell at high value, we olso buy at high value. - Unless 1 oleady got another place 2 live in regardless of e sales. Eg. parents' hm, private properties etc. - This is my simple analysis. Let mi noe if fellow neighbours got better $$$ gaining ideas or methods or 'loopholes'. - Btw, my Dec2010 SP services bill did not arrive. Dunoe wat happen? Hope its free for Dec2010.
  7. Hey neighbours, - currently, i hav Starhub Cable Vision, Maxonline & Wireless Homeline package, which tap frm e starhub box in e services duct. - can i add on with e current M1 promotion (M1 broadband + handphone plan + free notebook)? by tapping frm e same box & home wireless line? - checked with M1 CSC, they say canot! - checked wwww, it states -> if using cable network for broadband, 1 jus hav 2 tap from e starhub box. -> if using ADSL/fibre network for broadband, 1 needs 2 hav e singtel box & home fixed line. - my frnd hm hav starhub cable vision, MIO TV, singnet & singtel home fixed line. How 2 explain? - any kind soul can clear my doubts? Thks.
  8. - quite a handful done by them. - got Good & Bad reviews & experiences. - depends on 1s tolerance, requirements, standards & budget. - wats ur reno budget? - wat type of reno u r lookin at? - any long-term plan? - wat type of skate? - skateboarding, in-line skate, roller skate...? - think most of us r uncles & aunties liao, no more skating liao.
  9. - mi olso can hear it every nite. Was wondering wat causes it? - wen recce around e common corridor & staircases, i discovered dat some pipes were missing. - at e staircase mid-landing, there is a vertical stainless steel pipe near e parapet/low wall. - i remember clearly, this pipe used 2 have a T-joint connect out 2 a short pipe with meter & gauges. This short pipe then connect 2 another T-joint out (forms a C-shape), connect bak 2 e main vertical pipe. - this short pipe with meter & gauges is no more in sight. Remains r e 2 gatevalves after e 2 T-joints. - was kinda shock. So wen on 2 check out other staircases. True enough, all of this short stainless steel pipes with meter & gauges r gone. - how many r there in blk 79A -79E? How much do this pipes & gauges worth? - base on my assumption, e leaking of air from this pipes, had caused this whistling sound. - somebody shd call TC 2 complain abt it. - if no action taken, mayb can send in e missing pipes pix 2 STOMP, title: Missing pipes create sound nuisance 2 residents, TC do nothin'. Gossip-> - heard dat e infamous bak kuk teh shop (opp, at Central) had ceased operation. - new pet's stuff store at central, replaced e tit-bits shop. - new vehicle access road is being constructed at e junction b4 e point blk beside MRT stn. Hope it wil ease e jam there in e morning. - 2 vacant stalls r available for rent in our beluv Foodpark. - e prawn mee at blk 85, so so only. - e 'saloon' dnstairs got standard. Mi tried 'Hairtech'. Can say e skill & technic is comparable 2 those branded saloon. - e neighbours i'd met most 4 e pass mths outside dis forum-> babymaro & meepok, dracula & wife, stay79 & family, Roy777 & wife, ... & some non-forumers. - wonder where r e other forumers???
  10. Hey neighbours, - anybody got a spare rm to rent? - my frnd's frnd wana rent a rm at e Central Horizon. - occupier = 1 working mum & 1 JC gal. - let mi noe if any1 wana rent out. ASAP. Cheers.
  11. - yah, i did dat 2. - i gues most answers frm fellow neighbours were on e negative side, dats y auto-answer. - told him-> (1) CCTV at 12th sty lift lobby & sky garden r not effective enough. Stil got alot of hidden corners wher it is out of e CCTV range. (2) MSCP too dark, quite a nos. of hidden corners. Shd instal brighter type of light tube & instal CCTV. Ask him y there's a hdb mscp i noe of (not in dis area), e lighting is so much brighter & wif CCTV, he cant ans. (3) neighbours get-to-noe fellow neighbours at sky garden, unlikely, as sky garden is frequent by non-residents rather than residents. (4) fitness area not feasible at sky garden. (5) i hardly go 2 e sky garden as there r a lot non-residents & nuisance ppl. Littering, empty beer can/bottles, underage couples etc... (6) noise generate frm sky garden can b heard at units near e sky garden. Mine too far, cant hear. - i 4got 2 suggest 2 him abt card-access system.
  12. Hey neighbours, - i wonder wats e status of e 'petition' 2 our beluv MP quite sumtime ago? - i m hoping e relevant authority could-> 1) replace existing 'parking coupon system' in our mscp into new 'cashcard entry system'. - dis will 100% reduce e nos. of 'free-parking motorists' & reduce e nos. of non-residents visitors. 2) install cctv (real or dummy) in e mscp. - dis wil deters any possible theft cases. 3) patrol e mscp (residents-volunteer or commercial security guards). - dis wil olso deters any possible theft or mischief. - y e sudden tots? B'cos i m sooo fed-up. Although i'm a biker, i had 2 travelled up e carpark to at least deck 4 & above in order to get a parking lot, almost on most of e nites. Every nite, i gota travel 500m frm e mscp entrance to e parking lot. The lower decks' lots were occupied by e time i reach hm. Also, my bike's accesories were stolen 2 days ago. How i wish dat dat 'thief' kena accident & both his hands fractured & got 'free amputation'. - think our precinct is a guinea-pig. - e Dawson's 2 projects r much better than ours in-terms of internal layout & facade treatment. - 1 with multi-generation configuration, loft with 4-5 rm pair with studio apt. (improve version of executive maisonette) - 1 with several types of internal layout 2 choose frm. Unit with lesser piece of wall, e unit price wil b much cheaper. Kinda contradict to ours. In normal cases such as ours, we gota spend a additional of $1-2K if wana hack wall & make good affected areas. - their sky-garden's level & their views r much better ours. - izit? Looking 4ward 2.
  13. Straits Times News This is e best part i like -> Members of the public can go up to the skygarden for $5 to admire the view, and will be able to ballot for a spot to catch special events like the NDP fireworks. - running track on our topmost level of mscp? - e TPY Stadium is jus nearby lei. - mayb u wana try stairs-climbing. - everynow & there, i see 'athletics' training up e stairs & then take e lift dn. - they dun look like 79 residents 2 mi.
  14. Haha, - was chatting wif my mum jus las nite abt e Probable Resale Prices of 79 flats in e near future. - after deducting watsoever need 2 deduct/top-up, take-bak cash amount wld b at least >$100-$200k, depending on one's loan amount. - so those who hav some xtra cash, u noe wher 2 invest? - yah, sg is influx wif more & more FT. Population is getting biger & biger. MRT is getting more crowded. Roads r getting more cars (more ERP ...)... - btw, any1 kena selected by e Singapore Department Of Statistics 4 e 'Census Of The Population 2010 - Pilot Survey'? - any1 noes wats dat?
  15. - any1 recieve letter frm SP Powergrid? - letter states inspection of gas pipes within premises for every 15yrs. Now my unit is due for inspection!