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  1. No leh me go hunt myself eh... its Alumix, showrm at Toa Payoh... ranval9 n Yang Guo, thks for the compliment. Feel great to hear from u ppl comments..
  2. Hey folks, I am back! Juz got my internet access back aft 2 weeks since I moved in. So now, answering time... Yeh. MOVED in liao! Hi happy, yes it is indeed the 'corridor' of my MBR... Hey *high five*! Yup grey n white r my lucky FS colour.... N now... I have to say I am used to the colours liao lor... Not so bad lah. hee Hi apple jie. Hmm ya lor the outcome of this wardrobe is above my expectation. But the price was rather steep leh, $1400. Worth it bo huh?
  3. Hey Hey all my Yung Sheng kakis! I am back! Lin is half right bah, me busy moving hse, unpacking, tidying, cleaning...... But the main reason of my MIA was becoz of STARHUB! As there r no signal for my unit, I called them to arrange for their man to come to activate... Guess what, the earliest date is 2 weeks later! Haiz no access to internet for 2 weeks, dats y me missing for so long lor So my suggestion to all using Starhub services.... Call them to come to check n on ur signal at least 2 weeks before move hse.
  4. HAPPY, yes to all ur doubts haha Perhaps the pic I took r not so 'real thing' lor... Dull is what I feel when I step inside leh Lifestyle, that is not beige leh, it is indeed a lighter grey... Hey Lin, these r what I promised...
  5. Time for shower..... MBR toilet... Storage heater in common toilet... Kitchen sink 'hammer' tap...
  6. Hey welcome back apple, enjoy huh... Hmm saw my newly paint today... Too dull leh... haiz guess I have to swallow it anyway... Still trying to convince myself dun be too picky lor haha
  7. Huh? What keys? I NEVER give any key to him leh... Hee all the while using his number lock lah, I still in control of the hse neh
  8. Ha give me some time lah, look out for it @ 10pm today ya
  9. Yeh thks! Hopefully will be nicer 2molo with a new colour paint....
  10. No lah got false ceiling at foyer n window area leh... but its those closed up without lights out eh...
  11. Hey folks, carpentry works done today. Plumbling works shd be up aft I left. Another coat of paints, n washing tmlw. Final touch up on Thurs. Hope everything smooth smooth..... !! time for pic of the day...
  12. Yeh thks! So have u n ur hubby decide on ur ID liao?