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  1. Hi. I want to go to braces. anyone can gv me some suggestions? because I really trouble abt where to go. I worry if the doctor no experience thanks
  2. But U-Home sometime sell very expensive actually. Samethings I ask the price. From U-Home and Geylang shop can get at least $100.00 diff. a basin get from U-Home price is $185.00 the other shop only $90.00 can get it.
  3. Winlim

    Sales work life

    I m a sales. Bathroom and kitchen accessories Sometime very "pek cek" when have stingy customer i m really don't know how to describe it when I m really no earn ad just cover only but they a still keep on ask discount for example : one hood my cost is $380.00 before gst but the customer keep on ask discount. Ask me to gv $390.00 for her like online price........ if don't gv will get scored for her....... how do I do.... When I have this problem.
  4. Hi. U can pm me if u want to replace it. it just only $80.00 for change a storage heater ulim_win@hotmail.com
  5. For the wc leaking I got man for recommended u u can just call 97735858 Mr Tan to do a service for u. It is very good man I trust. have 20-30years experience. my home all taps and wc also ask him to repair.
  6. Recommend for a man is van mover but it is very good and helpfully can try to call 97735858