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  1. Hi namja, can you PM me the contact of the contractor as below pls? suppose you have stayed in your house for a while now alr...how is the workmanship..any issue so far? the contractors have a company based here?


    Hi Namja,

    Carpenters usually quote by PFR (per foot run). Several factors contribute to the PFR pricing:

    - height

    - whether you have sliding doors

    - doors with glass

    - etc.

    For HDB , the full height is usually about 2.6meters. Therefore the cost for a full height wardrobe that spans 6 feet width would be calculated as such:

    6 x $300 pfr (not psf as mentioned by benetay) = $1,800

    The market rate really differs between IDs (Interior Designers) to sub-contractors (eg. carpentry workshops). ID firms generally perform a higher mark-up as they engage sub-contractors to construct the wood-work items.

    I went direct to a carpentry workshop to get mine done previously and I believe I enjoyed cost savings of at least 20-30%.

    Hope this helps.


  2. hi, a tad new to reno talk, sand not sure where I should be posting.can I trouble you for the contacts of the IDs/contractors that you will recommend based on your research/meetings/experience pls..


    1. ddd01


      also wondering you can PM me the ID who does 3D designs pls? Thanks!! 

    2. owlNbear


      Hi, sorry for the late reply! 

      I won't recommend my contractor, you can read up on my posts for more details, but here are a few that I would recommend.

      1. Carel, carpenter - 9799 5666
      2. Alan, flooring contractor - 84991458
      3. Billy (Avant Garde Creative), contractor - 90298487
      4. Meiyi (3D Conceptwerke), ID - 97441387
      5. Zhilong, 3D design - 92224562

      Good luck with your reno!

  3. hi, a tad new to reno talk, so still poking around for information..and not sure where I should be posting...can I trouble you for the contacts of the IDs/contractors that you have recommended on your posts in this forum please?