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  1. Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works 51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace, Singapore 416131Tel: 6747XXXFax: 6747XXXX http://www.hohoengineering1976.com.sg/ I made a purchase of their Supreme Bi Fold door for my kitchen weeks ago. The installation was done on 26 July 2016. During the process of installation, the workers from Ho Ho Engineering damaged my wall. (Please refer to attachment 01 and 02). When i spoke to the installer about it, he actually told me to buy a white paint to paint it?!!! When i feedback to the Person In Charge, Miss Jennifer, i was told that their worker will return later on the same day to rectify the damages. I waited on and nobody came and no one informed me they will not be coming. The next appointment was fixed on Friday 29th July 2016. No timing was given by them prior and i took a day leave just to make sure i won't missed them. Again, nobody came. And when i called them, they repeatedly tell me that they will contact their worker and get back to me on the timing. But never once they called me back. When they finally came yesterday 1st Aug 2016, their worker came with a silicon gun to do patching on my concrete wall???! (Please refer to attachment 03 and 04). Immediately i called the person in charge Miss Jennifer and follow up with a email. Till now, I have yet to receive any call or email from them. They always say they will call me back shortly or in 30 mins but never once they called me back. It is very frustrating. Below is a message i emailed to her after they let me waited in vain on 29th July 2016. "Hi Jennifer, with regards to the rectification of the damaged wall caused by your fellow workers during installation, i would like to put the followings upfront to you. a) I expect those chipped off corners to be properly patched up before the paint work start. b) The long scratch mark you saw in the picture is dark in colour. I m not sure if the marks can be fully cover by white paint. Whatever the case, i expect it to be non visible after the paint dries. c)The whole column is to be fully painted, not just the affected area. Otherwise, i will be getting 2 different white tone. I m not sure who you are getting to do this rectification but i have serious doubt your fellow workers are able to do a proper job. They can't even do a proper installation which they are supposed to be specialized of. I have already wasted so much time on this issue. Please understand that today is a working day for me and i wasted another day leave. I have to call you before i know your workers won't be coming today. I have already waited twice in vain. Please ensure a ONE time and well done rectification for the damages. I m utterly disappointed and frustrated now. Please do something about it." And yet their worker still ended up coming with a silicone gun yesterday! FYI, they never reply call and they never reply email. They say they will but they never! This made me even more frustrated. Regret not doing more research on them before taking up their service. See more reviews here, http://ho-ho-engineering-and-renovation-works.pissedconsumer.com/ I have made a complaint against them to HDB as they are licensed by HDB. According to HDB officer, they will be awarded demerit points. The story won't stop here until they do a proper rectification job on the damages they caused.
  2. Made a mistake not doing more research before i took up their service. Beginning of my nightmare. Worst contractor i ever dealt with in my life. I have made a complaint to HDB as they are HDB licensed contractor. Demerit points will be awarded to them, Don't let them get away scot-free!