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  1. But anyway, I do have to highlight something. I moved during the 7th month and it was a horrible experience. I engaged Yong Shen Movers to do my house moving during the 7th month period. They were really friendly at first, responding to my queries and all that. But on the day of the move, they were about an hour late. The initial understanding that I got from them was that it would take 2 trips for my house to finish moving. On the day, their supervisor said that it may take more than 2, about half more truck. So I guess thats fine. But in the midst of the 3rd trip, he told me it would take an additional 1.5 truck. I got furious so when they unloaded, I demanded that they show me what was inside the "full" truck. It was not even 3/4 utilised. This just proves that they did not fully maximise the space in the first 2 trucks as well. This is super unprofessional. I got them to give me a discount because they space was not fully utilised. They demanded that I pay the full amount almost $1500. They said theyll call the police if I dont pay and also said I couldnt proof anything about the truck not using the space fully. I got pressured to pay them but this a really bad experience. I would not recommend them at all. It was a really really bad experience. DO NOT USE YONGSHEN MOVERS
  2. I am just saying guys. I didnt meant anything bad. Its just something Ive heard my old folks saying.
  3. Hi Guys, any recommendation for karaoke set to be used in my living room, i have soundproof wall panels installed.
  4. It will be best to even stop renovating on the 7th lunar month, you might not know who else might be renovating for you!
  5. Would suggest to do everything after 7th lunar month if you are really superstitious. Cheers