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  1. Hi green bunny . Your reno also cost 15k ? Please share more pics Thank you. Mine also at bb but still need to wait few more years
  2. Just notice the company building my flat is by great earth construction pte ltd Don't know good or not
  3. Ok . Thanks for all the replys . Then the bedroom door can change to swing door ?
  4. Hi ankle . May I know is it only basin can relocation cos my toilet bowl is facing the door . If toilet bowl and basin exchange will be great . But if relocation not cheap right ? Thank you
  5. Morning . Just to ask . cos I didn't opt in that mean no flooring for living room and bed room so will the room sliding door be install ? If still install then should I keep it or is it better to change to swing door ?
  6. Hi Francis Care to share the cost for the reno ? And how much is the cost for the flooring? I like tile flooring By the way yours is type 2 ? Thank you
  7. Hi . Anyone hiredYang's Inspiration Design Before , or heard any things about them? I saw at other forum and their Facebook the reviews quite good .
  8. Hi spikeling . 15k include electrical work ? What other things also include in 15k ?
  9. Hi spikeling . Nice reno . May I know how much is the reno cost ? Thank you
  10. Hi studio45 , compare to others mine really smaller . For bedroom just queen size bed , wardrobe and side cabinet will do .
  11. Hi studio45 , yap mine is sky vista 3rd storey low floor . Nice floor plan ??? But the room quite small , right ?
  12. Oh ok . But wondering can the Internet point shift to living room beside the tv power socket . Normally is placed there de lor . Can upload by phone ah , but I tried many times also cannot : (
  13. Mmoh you mean router and modem put inside the cabinet will not hot ? By the way , can use mobile phone to upload floor plan ? Cos I dun have computer