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  1. There are ways to add columns to support additional floors as long as you can design them to blend in to the existing house do they dun look out of place.
  2. Think you should budget about $10K per toilet. Depending on the layout and the size you want, it might involve other works as well.
  3. Adding more than 50% to GFA will be considered a rebuild so you might as well do it. It will allow you to maximize your GFA as well get a house design customized to your desires. Getting an architect will help you with the initial design and submission. You still need to spend time telling them what you want. Doing a D&B will save this fee but you really must know what you want and not make lots of changes in the process, else that will cost you more overall. If you enjoy the journey of managing and seeing your new house being build, D&B will be suitable but if you have no time nor the desire, than getting an architect will help you greatly.
  4. I just completed my reno and did the same thing, build up 3 storey and extended my kitchen in the rear. Budget will depend on few factors, e.g. do you need to pile or just normal base( which I did), the area you are adding etc. I did the design myself and engage the contractor and the structural engineer to do submission. As long as you do not change the façade or add more than 50% of total area, you can consider it A&A, else it will be treated as a rebuild. In which case, you will incur higher submission fee etc.
  5. Current rebuilding cost about $250-$300 psf, depending on the the type of finishes and quality you require.
  6. I am completing my renovation so with regards to your questions, just sharing my experience. 1. Technically IDs should cost higher than builder but builder just up their prices. So if you can get a few quotes and negotiate with the builder, you should get more bang for the bucks. 2. Paying deposit is quite standard but typically you pay some aupon contract signing and then follow up with payments based on project progress 3. There are small architect firm that will take on the job but really depend if you already have a concept and plans in mind. If not, they will act like an IDs. If you ave, then you can take on a more active role. I designed the reno myself and just work with my builder and engineer. You definitely need and engineer if you are adding structures. 4. Bomb shelter not required nowadays. The new rule of A&A is that you cannot increase by more than 50% of your current GFA and changes more than 50% of your facade. as yours is a Semi-D, should not be an issue compare to an inter-terrace. 5. Just be prepared that whatever budget you have or is thinking of will likely exceed and the timeline will be extended as well coz as you proceed, you may want to add or make changes. If you want to chat, then PM me.
  7. the cost really depend on many factors: 1. What is the additional area you are adding? 2. Can the existing structure support or you will need to add new supports? 3. The type of materials you want 4. How fast you want to complete the job? Just like to share an experience that we had with an owner who wish to save a few thousands on pre-work inspection but now forced to spent more than $10K to carry our some works required by the authorities before they give the approvals. Stranded with renting as cannot move in.
  8. Just to share my experience with built in oven. Firstly, I need to state that I use the oven pretty much daily for baking, grilling and even warming up food( as I find that microwave warming seem to give a different taste to the food). I used to have my oven built in but discovered that the cabinet wood starts to warped after a few years. Was told this is due to the heat generated by the oven. Second problem I find is that when I need to replace my oven, I need to find one that fits the dimension else I have to spend $$ redoing the cabinet Since then, I have moved to standalone oven.
  9. If you can get a good contractor, there are a couple of way to make the cement floor looks better than just plain grave. Option 1 is to get some small pebbles or rocks, depending on what you prefer, either black, white or different colors and spread them on the concrete. Then get your contractor to polish the floor and you will get an effect similar to marble/granite. Option 2 is to get a coating like bronze, on top of the cement. The contractor can also polish them to a "shining" effect.