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  1. bro i jus started my rebuild. only appointed architect, haven got a builder. wan to do tgt and save tgt?
  2. bro, exchange contacts? i jus started my rebuild with a architect. builders haven find. see we can save cost tgt?
  3. it would depend on how big u wan. I'm lookin at solar too, are u interested to group buy?
  4. hello snoozee, thank u for the input. current place is coming to 30years old. i'm not too sure if i have enough budget to rebuilt. Only got 1m get it done. So the very first step is to look for architect? any recommendations?
  5. Hello, first time to AA/rebuild corner terrance 2.5 to 3.5. Any contractors to recommend? Please feel free to share tips, advice and design!!
  6. Hello, would like to hear from experienced bros and sis on smart home. Apparently now like the trend. a mus have for new or renovating your house. I've researched and at the moment considering this brand Zipato, pricing as compared is reasonable and comes with interest free instalment. Anyone with any experience to share?