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  1. So spacious kitchen! love the wood grain style design on floors.
  2. Luckily ,I got my ID to do it.I agree some ID dont do certain requests.
  3. My reno budget was actually 15k (inclusive of cement screeding) but it went up to 19k because i hacked the wall & dispose the sliding doors and installed full carpentry to include 4 powersockets,ethernet socket in the wall for the tv console and other electronics(router etc) .They are hidden behind flip down panels plus a hidden door to bedroom.TV can actually rotate 360 degrees with a lock for privacy when facing bedroom.
  4. Hi fellow 2 roomers here are some the pictures reno done by Design 4 Space ID more coming soon for the kitchen & bathroom.
  5. yes i hacked the wall away.I didn't like the two sliding doors.i did a normal swing door instead.
  6. I like that you color matching the living room shelving with bedroom storage as well. I like your flooring too.Is it vinyl , laminate or tiles?
  7. I made the kitchen door less wider to a normal door width by installing a false wall.original dimension is very wide entrance. i put solid pine barn door as the kitchen door. **** heavy by itself but the rolling track helps using it with ease. 2 Reasons y i cover the kitchen is because my neighbor opp can see when i open my main door.I can see theirs too.We are the two only units on the level have such unique '' corner " layout.The rest of the units are facing the corridor.Other reason is i have A/C in the living room. Flooring is a mix of ceramic tiles for door & kitchen entrance leading to the entrance of bathroom while the rest of the entire unit is vinyl flooring. Vinyl doesn't sound as hollow and lightly textured according to the wood grain design. I encountered several issues/problems during renovation like others in this forum.Its really can be a exciting & the same time frustrating experience esp for first timer like myself. Will post more in future.
  8. With one strike of the hammer, the reno journey had begun.Updates soon.
  9. Thnks ryanth!I read your reno journey as well.Really helpful tips to other 2roomers like myself. There were contractors roaming around the blocks,trying to fish for customers.Are they legal or not I dont know but i was approached by a few that day. Im gg to use ID company instead. I need all the luck.hopefully no hiccups & goes smoothly.
  10. Hi 2roomers, Went to see the flat last weekend,here are the raw pics. its 38sqm. I accidently deleted my toilet pic. its screen grab from HDB but its still accurate except i dont have a sink cos i opt out OCS. As you can see,need screeding & flooring.
  11. Hi 2roomers!, I've collected my keys to Fernvale Woods.Its 38sqm & opt out the OCS so doing vinyl flooring instead. Will post reno updates here to share soon.See ya!
  12. Hi 2 roomers! Getting my keys in a couple of months soon. I opted out the Hdb flooring tiles & gonna do vinyl instead.Hope to keep u guys updated for the reno process. Shout out mmoh for starting the forum,grateful for so much info sharing & tips with one another.
  13. Hi 2 roomers community! I'll be getting my keys next year july/aug 2019-Fernvale woods. Couple of qns. 1.I opt out for the tile flooring.I'm thinking of just concrete for industrial theme .Has any 2 roomers did this before?Pros & cons? 2.The kitchen entry is wide.i need to put a door .Any suggestions for bi'fold/sliding door etc? Thanks!
  14. Congrats to u bro! I am a fan of your reno journey.Really good insights & thought processes for 2 room reno. My 2 room is still a long wait 2019 3rd Qtr key collection .Sigh.