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  1. Thanks Art. Will this be the same for condominiums too?
  2. Thanks thanks. I am guessing that it will be hard to move it from its current position? My reason is not really eyesore but more like i have some irrational disgust and fear of them so i would prefer them to be out of my way. Even if it is in the form of the nice concealed tile but still in the middle of the bathroom, i will feel **** uneasy.
  3. Hello, does anyone know whether it is possible to move the position of floor traps in the bathroom/kitchen of an apartment? Some of them are in the middle of the room and i would prefer them to be at a corner instead. OCD issue. Otherwise, is it possible to totally get rid of them from the bathroom/kitchen (i.e. renovate such that no floor traps at all in the bathroom/kitchen)? For example, i know bathrooms and kitchens in the UK do not have any floor traps in them. Thanks in advance for your help and insights.