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  1. Study the properties before recommending. Information like this can be found all over the net.
  2. Not sure. My friend ordered from their showroom in balestia
  3. Kitchen cabinet I engage mine is $280 per foot, I add $20 per foot for PVC because I can't stand internal white. A quartz top at $120 per foot. Is this consider cheap? Comes with soft closing drawers and hinges and the tray for plates and bowl. Is this consider cheap?
  4. I have a friend who does painting services and my door is vanished. Is it the same as lacquer? If it is the same I can pass u his contact.
  5. Iquartz is not as professional as they claimed to be. My friend installed iquartz in their house. The installer came, a corner snapped as they didn't lower down the corner properly. It was for the bay window. They wanted them to accept by sticking it back and sand it so that it will not be obvious. It was the designer who flared up and insist they bring it back. The installer kept saying I can bring it back and bring a new piece, what if it snap again? So much so for a 10 years warranty. I'm not a quartz seller and nothing against this firm. This is what really happened. The quartz top was ordered through their balestier showroom so it shouldn't be fake.
  6. As we know we are visual animals, we couldn't visualise very well the space. The design we could. So we bought some chalks and markers while getting all the measurements. We drew on the walls, on the floor. If there is a TV on the wall, we will draw a TV, I will add bed lamp and so on. This is just to visualise how big do we want our TV, bed frame, cabinet and so on. Of course, you can leave it to the IDs but nowadays everyone seems to be an ID these days. I rather trust myself and I can have all the time to draw and amend until I'm satisfied. I have some issues attaching photos so this is just one as example. I find this method very effective. The apartment now is so tiny that we really need extra planning. Not sure if Government is advocating people to have more children. The design of these apartments didn't translate this message.
  7. Okay I have gotten keys in July 2016. First thing we did is ...no... we didn't go to ID or any contractors. Of course being Chinese, I did the chinese thing. The Chinese thing to do is to find a reliable Fengshui Master. In fact we are quite kiasu, we engaged 2 fengshui master. 1 of our close friend recommended Lilian Heng and he is well-verse in fengshui as well so we also engage his help anyway as we wanted a second opinion. Each one specialised in different Fengshui school of thoughts. I regretted this decision as both school of thoughts are contradicting each other. Although Lilian heng is abit expensive but I like her services. Does not slam you if she does not agree with you unlike some Fengshui master. She is modern and does not ask you to hang alot of fengshui items which I don't like. She is more on Zhi wei, not your Ba zhi which is more on wood, metal kind of fengshui. BTW Fengshui is not a religion, if some fengshui master ask you pray this and that, it speaks alot about that Master. Before she came down, we went online to find some ideas. Actually we are pretty hardworking, we got all the colours and design ready so that we could have a meaningful discussion with her. Luckily, what we like is what she recommended with some minor adjustment. Most importantly, stove remains as stove, the sink remains as sink, no drastic change. On the same day, she also helps us to do the ground breaking ceremony and cleansing. We bought 1 kg of uncook rice, 1 brick, 1 bag of green beans, 1 pineapple, 1 pail, tea leaves, sea salt. Lastly, HUAT Arrrrr...........striked, the pineapple rolls into the house, marks the end of the Fengshui session and prosperity. Approximately 2 hours is gone.