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  1. Hi Chubbyfat2 I think its better to get quotations before your keys collection, to compare and ample time to discuss the design with your ID. So once you collect your keys, you can start work soon, so no time wasted! Haha this is what I did. Miki
  2. Hi people, I've been a reader for the past 1 year+. Seen many beautiful homes and bought many ID mags looking for ideas for our first home. I was so overwhelmed and don't know where to start! Met up with many IDs and the process is so tedious! Having to convey our requirements umpteen times to many IDs and meeting up with them again when the quotations are ready. Believe it or not, me and my husband met up with 8 IDs! Haha I know it's not consider like alot cause I know some of our friends who actually meet up with 20 IDs! Omg! Where did they get the time from?! Haha! Ok to cut short, my story begins.... 3 of the IDs are recommended from renotalk, 3 are recommended from friends, and the other 2 are from roadshows. The quotes were mostly competitive, with 2 pretty high! We narrow down to 2 IDs and it was a hard decision. Both are recommended by friends. And both are so friendly and passionate with their jobs! We had to make a choice eventually and we decided to go ahead with one of them and we have no regrets! All about our chosen ID company, it's a husband and wife team company in their 30s. Me and hubby prefers small companies as they are more attentive with their work. We met up with them at their office and they came back with their quote within 2 weeks. I love how they work as a team, both of them handle the whole job all by themselves. Designing, drawing, site management, shopping for tiles/lights & etc, receiving our furnitures. They do site visits quite frequently and Whatsapp us the progress while we are busy at work during weekdays. And we will meet up at our place during weekends to update us the progress. I know not all Reno goes smoothly but they are quite proactive with rectifications and requests we had. The carpentry works was abit delayed but still in time for our auspicious shifting. They will notify us if there's any important decision before proceeding with the work. Generally the whole Reno goes very smoothly without much major hiccups. Really happy with the end result and the whole experience Pardon me for so long winded and my lousy English. Haha. We feel people who are passionate & attentive with their work needs to be recognized, hence my posting here. Note: they are not the cheapest nor the most expensive amongst all, why we chose them is because of the chemistry between us. Recommended! But it really depends with individuals on how you view. Pm me for contacts if you guys are still looking around for IDs. Thank you for reading