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  1. Dear Readers,

    Fairly new to RenoTalk as I merely just read and see pictures of other's T-Blogs, therefore decided to also share mine journey with everyone.
    Had friends and family whom encountered contractors/ID that ran away, ended up their money was cheated.
    Therefore, we were very careful in selecting our ID by ensuring that they are accredited with CaseTrust/RCMA. This is to prevent our money from dissapearing after hearing all those bad experiences...

    We wanted a home to display our Lego collection, as well as a cozy home to look forward to coming back everyday after work.
    As I do some baking as my hobby, i will need an open kitchen concept with lots of space to do my stuffs.

    Here are some details of my home:

    Location: Woodlands
    Type of Unit: HDB 4 Room
    Floor Size: 93m²
    Theme: Modern + Contemporary + Scandinavian + 15 Shades of Grey (not 50..)

    Floor Plan:
    Floor Plan.PNG

    HDB's Proposed Layout:


    Our Layout:

    Original's HDB layout is definitely not the layout i'm looking at as I have quite a number of Lego sets to display.
    These are some of the pictures/feels that I like when i first sourced for ideas/design/layout


    IMG_6670.JPGkitchen layout.jpg

    Kitchen (1).JPGLiving Room.JPG11123-rezt-relax-interior-photo-1-8.jpg



    Like all of you, selection of ID is the great headache of all.
    We were all hyped out and too excited, therefore started looking for ID as early as 2015-2016 after we booked our flat with HDB.
    FYI, our home is only going to be ready 2Q 2017. :wacko:

    ID Selection

    1) 3D I****** D****** - Strike Off
    Been hearing and seeing aloton them via Radio / Tv (RenoAid) as they are getting popular. Been to their showroom, didn't like the vibes of the company as the ID forgotten my appointment with them. Didn't bother to follow up after that, as they seems "too popular" or busy. :fire:

    2) W**ken - Strike Off
    Visited them for fun at Tampines, didn't have much interesting ideas from them.
    Therefore decided to just drop them, as they are unable to think of anything out of the norm as all the proposed design/layout is what i found online. 8|

    3) Ciss**n Interior Design - Strike Off
    Also another ID that is frequently found at expo shows, quite like the home they did up for local celebrity - Judy, which was displayed at the showroom.
    Person we spoke to was very aggressive and pushy, therefore got quite turn off as during the point of time we were just looking out and finding out prices only. :fire:

    4) i-Ch*pter - Strike Off
    Happen to chance upon them at one Star Living Furniture event, the ID we spoke to was quite knowledgeable and has lots of great, creative ideas.
    If you are looking for great ideas, you can look for him. We didn't select him because the company only offer 1 year warranty and the package is not enticing enough, furthermore hekeep calling me the wrong name ever since day 1. :bangwall:

    5) Sk* Cr****** / Mus*e - Strike Off
    For those that visited the Musee Interior Design Resource Library would definitely come know them, as they are partners with Musee.
    It's an eye opener for a newbie like me to know about all about renovation and planning for my home, for those wanting to gain some knowledge can go visit them. We didn't eventually chose them because we felt that they want a share in every bit of every business, which makes them too "messy" and not specializing in what they are supposing to do. :dunno:

    6) U**** ID - Strike Off
    As the raves of the famous K** and Sa***** goes, we decided to also make an appointment with them to find out how good they are. On the 2nd meetup, you can tell that they are very sincere and serious in getting your business. They even do up a mood board and 3D for you to visualize, idont think i have come across any other ID that does this so far. Pretty amaze by what they can do to make you feel pressured. Their ideas are so-so in my opinion, quotation was super over-priced for the amount of work done. Furthermore, every hinges/drawer track provided were not even Excel or Blum. Didn't proceed with them as they only willing to offer 1 year warranty for that overprice quotation. :no:

    7) Rezt and Relax - [Selected]
    Always noticed their expo exhibition, visited them and quite like the vibes of their showroom/style.
    Made appointment with senior designer JJ and after a few meetup, we feel that the price is slightly on the high side. However, we were made to believe that it was because of the lifetime warranty. :blink:
    We decided to go with them as they are the only ID that offers lifetime warranty and is also backed by CaseTrust

    8) Abs*l**k I******* D*****
    Saw alot of Facebook ads on this company, made appointment with them to just kaypoh kaypoh.
    The ideas and quotation were quite reasonable, we even manage to negotiate to a 5 years warranty coverage and free upgrade to blum for everything. The quotation were within our budget and best of all, it includes hacking of the 2nd Bedroom to cater my walk in wardrobe! :deal: 
    However, we eventually didn't proceed with them because we have signed with R&R. :help:


    Appliance/Equipment List:

    [Fridge, Aircon, Washing Machine, Heater, Basin]
    - Fridge: LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator 601L GS-J6011SB
    - AirCon: LG Artcool System 4 Mitsubishi Starmex System 4 5Ticks
    - Washer/Dryer: 12/8kg Inverter Direct Drive 6 Motion Front Loader WD1628RDS
    - Joven5035L Green Storage Heater: JH5035HE
    - Kitchen Basin: Blanco Metra 9 + Mida Sink MIxer

    [Hob, Hood, Oven, Microwave]
    - Hob/Hood: Brandt AT1490X + TG308XC1 + TI1000B package
    - Oven: Brandt 60cm Built-in Pyrolytic Oven FP1067XS
    - Microwave: Brandt 900w Built-in Microwave ME1030X

    i'm abit OCD and like things to be consistent, clean and neat.
    Therefore it has to be of the same brand/series... :help::help::help::help:

    - Rain Shower: Grohe Cosmopolitan 200 (Common) + Grohe Euphoria 180 (Master)
    - Basin Taps: Krisroz 43011C (Common) + Krizros KS35001 High Body (Master)
    - Toilet Bowl: American Standard AMS 2307 Acacia E Vortex
    - Bidet Spray: TBA
    - Accessories: TBA

    list to be updated, still looking around. Should be getting Grohe Rainshower and other stuffs... any recommendation?

    - Eubiq Powertrack System
    - Evorich Flooring
    - Accessories: TBA
    - Deco Items: TBA

    Can you believe that we actually place deposit for Evorich Flooring back in early 2016, even way before anything else.
    We quite like the flexibility of Eubiq in the house (especially the kitchen), therefore we also went ahead to purchase the powertrack system and manage to negotiate a good deal to get additional stuffs.

    In the next post, will be posting details of the discussion of my 3D and pictures will be attached.


  2. 10 hours ago, Zincman81 said:

    One of my friend who put 2k or 4k deposit to the R@R for renovating his house at puggol.in the end he forfeited the deposit and engaged other id to do up his house.in the end he save abt 5k.becoz of the difference in pricing

    My deposit was 20% (~8k).. abit too much to forfeit.. so i thinking to maybe just use tt n do up whatever reno can be done.. then find others. Nt sure if thats wise. :jail:

  3. On 26/02/2017 at 10:48 PM, Zincman81 said:

    maybe you can share with me or we can compare our quotes see we got kana chopped or not...:D

    The ID i engage is quite expensive.. re** & r*lax.. 


    they claim to offer lifetime warranty thou.. i went to compare price amg a few IDs and my ID price per ft is more expensive..:bangwall:


    eg for cabinet/wardrobe its abt 180/ft, tall larder is 200/ft.. etc :unsure: