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  1. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, My friend is in the midst of his 5 rooms flat renovation work. His ID has advise him the size of Glass for his open kitchen is too big to be transported (by lift or staircase) to his unit. Therefore, his ID has suggested to joint 2 pieces of glass (the smaller piece length is 1 feet) together which my friend dislike. The green circled area is where the 1 feet glass is suggested to be install. Looking for advise on how he can lift (i.e. external lift) the full size glass or how can the joint be finished to look almost invisible. Looking forward to all your suggestions, thanks in advance.
  2. These tiles are beautiful and most people thought its was wooden flooring
  3. Updated please kindly refer to first entry. Thank you
  4. Songz, are you referring to the tiles below the cabinet may crack and affect the cabin durability? We have no knowledge in Feng Shui but we do feel uneasy when walking into the room because of the slanted door frame and tiles. Guess i will have my ID to redo the cabinet also to prevent headache in future. Now waiting for 7th month to end before we apply for hacking permit and definitely i will post photos of the rectification process. Thanks for all the advise.
  5. We are fine with the time delay and redo. However, ID propose to hack the floor tile until the cabinet and will not redo the cabinet. Is this solution even possible without damaging the cabinet and the tiles below the cabinet? Looking forward to all your advise.
  6. I guess the code is correct judging from the photo on the website. I guess ID is going to hack everything and redo will provide more details next week. You're right, i have already moved in and i'll moved to the spare room in this case as currently only my wife and I is staying here.
  7. I will try to find the tile code for you but keep your fingers cross. My other 2 bedrooms are of the same tiles I will upload the photos under day light and 4000k LED light probably next week. Also, my ID will be redo the floor tiles, door frame etc waiting for his detail schedule next week.
  8. you're right its on display at the balestier outlet on the left of the main entrance . I do not have the tile code as the ordering is handled by my ID
  9. Hi Stream, the tile is from Lian Seng Hin $4 psf (not sure the store code) and its staggered on purpose. It has a nice finishing and i'll recommend the tiles to you, just in this case the tile is slanted.
  10. That's a good suggestion. Discussed with ID, he admit it was the tiler error and will get back to my by this week on the resolution.
  11. Thanks fingerscross your past reno experiences sure is going to be helpful. The bedroom door is not tilted for any feng shui reason or purpose and i thought it should be straight by default and didn't pay attention to it and let my ID handle everything. Agree the tilers started and use the main entrance for the living room alinement but upon finishing the last 2 60 x 60 tiles just out the master bedroom door entrance constructed by them as seems in the picture. The tile should have also notice the door frame is slanted as he has to cut the living room tiles slanted in order to fit. The living room tile on the left is 1.5cm - 2cm longer then the right. As a result the tiles are slanted in the master bedroom as the alinement was taken from a slanted door entrance.
  12. Many thanks for your input, maybe the pictures does not bring out the overall layout of the room properly. Base on picture 2, theres a 4cm slant between the first tile on the left wall and the last tile on the right and this applies to all tiles in the room. In general, the tiles are all slanted by 1cm each as the alinement is taken from a slanted door entrance which they reconstructed.
  13. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Recently, I have completed my renovation and moved in to my new house. However, we noticed that the tiles in the master bedroom seems to be off alinement. It seems like the tiler took alinement for the newly reconstructed door entrance which is not straight ( the left of the door frame is 1/2" more then the right into the room ) as a result the tiles in the whole room are slanted to the right. Is this standard acceptable and is it reasonable to get my ID to redo the tiling work? Im a find time owner and is seeking your experience advise on this matter and i hope the photos below will help you better understand the situation. Updates: ID will be coming up with a rectification plan and schedule next week. Keep my finger cross 1) The Door entrance is relocated and reconstructed 2) Towards the end of the room the misalignment seems very obvious 3) Another view of the tiling in the room 4) View of the toilet kerb and cabinet 5) Tiling outside toilet entrance Rectification Work Stage 1 - (Dismantle and reinstallation of Cabinet) Root Cause of Slanted Cabinet - (Base on my own understanding and explanation) Original Cabinet Base Position - Focus on the red box and clearly we understood that the carpenter forgotten to offset for the protruding wall on the left and proceeded with the installation. Resulting in a slanted cabinet installation. This is how the cabinet should be installed - ( Base on my measurement of the depth and width of the cabinet as its already dismantled) However in order to straighten the cabinet, the short side of this L cabinet will be protruding out of the wall(see blue circle) I guess it is still possible to straighten this cabinet without a redo The cabinet base will have to first seat all the way in touching the skirting (see blue circle) and the back support of the cabinet (see 3 blue circles)will have to be trim off ~1inch to compensate for the protruding wall. *** This article is written for the purpose to share my experience with everyone else and not to shame the designer. Also, knowledgeable individual please kindly provide your advise as I am looking for the best solution to solve my problem.
  14. Hello fellow Renotalk Ladies and Gentlemen, We have always been a silent reader in the forum since we started our house hunting 2 years ago. Finally, we have gotten the keys to our dream home and will like to share this wonderful renovation experience together. 1) Our floor plan and pictures of actual conditions before renovation Original Floor Plan a Sketch of my Ideal floor plan and layout Living Room Future Study Area Master Bedroom Kitchen 2) Selection of tiles and Laminate Living Room and Balcony Tiles Living Room and all Bedroom Tiles Kitchen Floor and Wall Tiles Master Toilet Floor and Wall Tiles Common Toilet Floor and Wall Tiles Drawing of Living Hall and Dining Area Living room console and furniture layout recommended by our ID Design of our main door entrance, divider , shoe cabinet and dining area 3) Our Renovation Schedule and Progress Hacking Work Day 1- 4 hours into our renovation work After a day of hacking work Day 2 - Wardrobe and Cabinets are also removed Hacking of new opening for bedroom 2 Day 3 - End of hacking work and some of our tiles has arrived Kitchen ready tiling work to begin Tiling Work Master Bedroom toilet feature wall and wall tile Common toilet feature wall and wall tile All bedrooms wood like tiles laying pattern Hollow Block Bedroom 3 new entrance Electrical Work Lighting Plan Cat 6 Lan Cable trucking More updates to come Photos of tiles laying Purchase of Lighting Purchase of Funriture Purchase of Electrical applications