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  1. Hi, all parents here. I am a newbie and would like to get some tips from you on safety awareness of kids? He is too naughty and always like playing with his neighborhood friends outside. Sometimes, he returns very late with dirty clothes and even wounds. He is just 4 years old and it is hard to make him do his studies. I am a working mother and I hardly get time to spend with him. Even though, I’m really concerned about his security. On discussing it with my friend, she told me children of his age are like this and it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety. She told me to make sure that he doesn’t go to unfamiliar places and strange people. She suggested me an article. [ http://www.sleepwellsecurity.ca/blog/safety-tips/what-to-teach-your-kids-about-trick-or-treat-safety/ ] I found this very helpful for me. Can anyone of you add some more suggestions for me?
  2. Really superb. I like the idea of including canopy bed. Waiting for some pics
  3. Well, thanks for sharing this. I was also thinking about some methods for slimming down. Usually, I don't eat much but, my body is of fatty type. I don't get enough time for exercise. So, I changed the routine and started eating my dinner early. That itself helped me a lot for losing my weight.
  4. Hi mandyu, as you need to separate the dry area and wet area you can place any kind of partitions there like glass or paneling or even a curtain can give you a soothing look. Messy soap dishes are outdated and as you are going to replace it with the dispensers, it will do good. Use some trickle tray to avoid wet soap dishes. Shower accessories are now available in a wide range of variety and you can choose one for avoiding the messy look of your bathroom.