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  1. Dear all, i am considering ALL BEST AIRCON, anyone can provide any reviews? I did a search and have received mixed review (some from >5 years ago), i would like to obtain some recent reviews. Thank you
  2. Hi there, Not sure if this is correct. if i am wrong please delete this thread and i apologize for the mistake that i made. If we are to get contractor from JB for our HDB BTO is it possible? The renovation permit how do we comply? Else anyone can recommend or provide quotation for the following requirement? [Overview We will be collecting the keys in december. This is a 5 room BTO where we have took the tiles and basin from HDB. We do not expect to change the tiles. Living Room For living room and dinner room, due to the ceiling fan would require 2 L box and the remaining area can be false ceiling. Do not want a cove lighting as it will trap dust. The tv console must cater to hide the tv and home theather wire. The TV we are looking at 65 or 75 inch. Would prefer the slimmest false ceiling available. The lights that we want would be those 12W led cool daylight downlight (Square). This lighting is preferred to be used in bedroom and living room. Kitchen Would need a risen floor for the fridge. We would like to have a open kitchen concept but we will need to have window setup so when we cook, we can close the kitchen. For now, we would want something that would built to last. You may propose a L shape kitchen cabinet or just 1 row. As it is a open kitchen concept, we would need a countertop just outside the dining area. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bze86tVlnwo/?igshid=pjjofii56u29 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz5n1Qknu3a/?igshid=1ertr2htftzsn Can refer the above link for kitchen idea. Service Yard We would need windows to be setup. No window grills required. Toilet Please make cabinet under the basin and install shower screen. Please find the attached basin photo provided by HDB. Master bedroom Please refer to attached photo for idea. We would need cabinet or something to be created just beside the bed for both me and my partner so we can put our handphone beside us before we sleep. We would also need power plug to be setup so we can charge the phone. A L shape wardobe is required and a mirror. Bedroom 2 Currently this is planned as a study area. We would need to have in built desk with cabinet (for 2 people) so we can work. Currently we are considering whether to make wardrobe here. For now you may leave it but do remember to keep the space required to put a queen size bed and wardrobe for the future Bedroom 3 This will be the room for my partner parent or brother to stay. Would need to put a queen size bed and a small study desk.
  3. hi all, i am wondering what kind of work required the appointment of an HDB approved contractor? am i able to appoint a carpenter from JB to do up those furniture, lighting, electricity cabling? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, am new to here. Wonder if i am able to get some quotation on the attached floor plan. Will be interested in shinny homogeneous tiles. Do note that the tile is only required for the 3 bedroom, living/dinning area and balcony. Thanks