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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply, photos have actually attached in this profile. But not sure how am I going to put it inside here. Ps, don't really know how to use this app here.
  2. Ok, to be honest, im a very niao, particular guy who really quite demanding sometimes in terms of quality, material, designs and of cause BUDGET in my VERY FIRST NEW BTO home. I've been to at least 10 ID firms for the past 3 months, not forgetting im having tight schedule for works too. i wouldn't mention much on those who ain't really responsive , (i believe they are not that professional yet?) and able to understand more of my requirements rather then a very deadly kind of feel, although cost wise is pretty much lower then others which i dont really feel safe with, but i've short listed 2 IDs which i feel more comfortable with, able to communicate at the very first start, and understand my needs and it meets my budget too! Well, this ID after all the works, handover to us nicely, perfectly, and on time. Well, i must say Ashton Wong from De Style Interior really brush off all of my fears for contractors, run away IDs after collecting money, poor coordination and unreachable all times and so on.... He really bring me and my family back confidence and trust in ID companys after seeing all those reviews on their bad experience. Able to get a good one , is not easy i can say.. i would say that you will not regret after engaging him as your ID,that will save all of your troubles and worries. He's responsive, patiences, always giving advice, and ideas to decorate our rooms. i hardly post comments or reviews at any websites, quite new here, but i've been following up on those reviews too, and i think this is really worth it for those who are still looking for a good, stable, experience ID, dont hestitate to enquire quotes or designs from him, i can PM you his number if you're interested, good luck people!