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  1. Hi, I have a few questions to ask. I have got a better job opportunity in Toronto, Canada and will be shifting there soon with my wife. We are planning to get settled there. We will be living in the apartment provided by the company for the first 2 months. After that, I will have to find a home. We are thinking of purchasing a condo there because we do not want to keep changing homes every now and then. I was looking at the different home rates there. I found that the rates are high. So I will have to depend on a mortgage for this. Since I have a stable income, it will not be difficult for me to pay off the monthly installments. So I am looking for the top mortgage broker in Toronto so that I can get a clear idea about things. Is it better to approach a mortgage broker or a lender? I need to know about the mortgage rates in Canada. Please help me out.
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum, and I have some questions to ask. What do you all think is the best option for a first time home buyer, a mortgage broker, or a bank? And how and where should we start with, if we need a mortgage. Like all couples, even our dream is to live in our own house. I have recently changed my job, and now I have a better income, so me and my wife have been planning to buy our own home. But, neither of us have any experience with the mortgages. We are confused in the initial stage itself, between a bank or mortgage broker, http://www.albertamortgagecentre.com/using-a-mortgage-broker-vs-using-a-bank/. I am ok to pay high monthly installments, because the loan will end faster. We have already selected the condo that we wish to purchase, and once the mortgage is set, and the funds are ready, we will be heading to our own home soon. So, I need your valuable advises here.
  3. I think Amazon is a good option, there are many such online shopping sites.
  4. Hey, thanks for sharing those tips.